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Rare Breed
Kendrick Lamar

Rare Breed, Kendrick Lamar

Breed up or speed up

Breed up or speed up

Breed up or speed up

This is for my niggas that be all blacked out

Hit the streets a hundred deep, what Rare Breed about?

Riding hard, bending corners, the girlies on us

Leave a hater scarred, big Dressers sit at the stop light

Road Glides and Road Kings deep in my hindsight

You do it right or don't do it at all

Put that candy paint on it, ride them twenty-threes homie

Custom seats, custom brakes, hit the streets and ball

Centre of attention like buying 'em and being saw, aw

You know that killer californication

When you feeling like you sitting on a ceiling, chasing

Dreams, hoping this conglomerate can run the nation

It's abomination how we bomb yo' block

I'm talking Big Punch, K-Dub, Baby Slip Billy

Bad Azz, Rare Breed, we all we got

See 'em out, show 'em love, chunk the deuce, give it up

It's a lot of bike clubs but they not this hard, nope

Pounding on the highway stretch

All blacked out, making sure we on deck

Might catch us on them Dressers or them Road Glides, yes

Tell the world I'm a Rare Breed baby

Breed up or speed up (don't stop, don't stop)

Breed up or speed up (don't stop, don't stop)

Breed up or speed up, I'm a Rare Breed baby

And it's like that to the death though

Two-oh-point and seeing decimals, I ain't lying

Pounding on the interstate in the state that shines

Or we might be in a hood near you

Around the globe baby, Rare Breed under control baby

Them pipes loud, the movement entice crowds

We heat it up in the cold baby

It's three degrees out? Then you should see me out

Or see bout them kitty cats and how they go meow

Ha-ha, we be the father of Harley drivers, so don't bother

Show you infants how to whip it, have a bye-bye

Posers try to hang? Then we hang 'em by the collar

Silk, lannie, Rare Breed family

Stunting hard like a black circus, voila

Breed up or speed up, get ahead

So with that said, bye-bye

Shouting out the one and only Rare Breed

Now Breed up!

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