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Proto Culture
Del the Funky Homosapien

feat. Khaos Unique

Produced By: Del the Funky Homosapien & Khaos Unique


Let me tell you about the Proto Culture

If you don't know the culture, here's the whole structure

We've had enough of the lackluster-trust us

We get the kind of games you can't rent at Blockbuster

KU: Game related, raise it bit by bit

Yo D, link up the cable we'll go hit for hit

Phantasma plasma particle beam means I have ya

On the run-the rendered effects hot like magnas


I play games by Capcom with a power glove strapped on

On any platform, I don't spend my dough on Phat Farm

Video games, I got many to play

Before my life expires; fufill my desires


Mastering your hardest boss

Shattering all stars across

Ain't hard to cross the finish line

Floatin' on Daytona

Wex, Gex or Klonoa, we get 'em all at cost

RPG, Platform we transform like Macross


Rival schools, Batsu

Purchase you ought to

It came with one free CD, it's like I bought two

I hope they make part II for Dreamcast

Cause games I've seen in mags, you won't believe they have!


Getting callouses turning over asteroids

Graviton bombs destroyed

Getting moms annoyed

Now I'm hacking Nightmare Creatures

Their features splattered across the screen

It gets more clean each year


I remember my homie Ed Coats had the most

A Colecovision-every week I'd visit

Playing Donkey Kong Jr., Venture, Roc'n Rope

Games I thought was dope

While my moms was watching soaps


I'm on the next level

I got a double barrel shotgun in the Doom world

Waiting on the next devil

Armor's low-check the arsenal

Rupture the main conductor playin Disruptor


I remember Ninja Gaiden

Finished finally

With Ramone wouldn't answer the phone

This was before getting blown

I own the first Nintendo Power

With the maps of Zelda Help me conquer in an hour


Let me tell you about the Proto Culture

If you don't know the culture, here's the whole structure

We've had enough of the lackluster-trust us

We get the kind of games you can't rent at Blockbuster



Hey KU you know my SEGA collection is massive

Got all the past hits and classics

Herzog Zwei now Panzer Zwei

Originality that made me a fan today


It's Pandemonium-it's like Toys R Us

Flippin the next Saturn game brings out the boys in us

It's poisonous

Taking out the boys in blue in Grand Theft Auto

Snatch a Rolls Royce to use


Yeah, I'll admit Playstation improved

Come visit Feudal Japan with me and Tenchu

Bushido Blade 2 with sword play so accurate

Mega Man Legends but I had to buy a map for it


I fence Hyo to get a Neo-Geo

For Samurai 64 in full rendered splendor

Rival counter and enter my sword in his innards

My joint was being Leonardo wuppin' on Splinter


I gotta get Xenogears-that's the type of game that relieves my fears

Get it from overseas to here

I gotta get Psychic Force

Authentic arcade that I can endorse

They got me liking imports


I'll need to be at the next E3

What's the next CD I need to see

Me and D signing checks

Let's float overseas, mingle with game companies

Giving tips to Capcom and Sega-you can't front on these


To anyone who knew me better

Know I chose Saturn first Cause it's 2-D heaven

Bernie Stolar dropped the ball with the RAM cartridge

X-men Vs. Streetfighter could've expanded the market


Marvel Vs. Capcom-beyond fathom

Tell the truth, Playstation ain't ready to have 'em

Come on I'll bring the onslaught

Alpha and Omega

Khaos Unique brought to you by SEGA


Let me tell you about the Proto culture

If you don't know the culture, here's the whole structure

We've had enough of the lackluster-trust us

We get the kind of games you can't rent at Blockbuster


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