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Cam'Ron F/ Kelly Price

Cam'Ron F/ Kelly Price



(Kelly Price)

Hmmm hmmm

Ohhh on and on and on

[Cam' Ron]

Yo yo yo yo

Yo why stay here when all y'all don't play fair

Wanna disrespect slit cha neck spit the tech (Ohhh)

Baby hit the deck love all the people

See my face on all y'all TV's

Laid out like Castellano on a war with Thoebe (Ohhhh)

To my family not all the grieving

Yeah my mother

I can't judge her

I love her

But trust her

She a sucka (Ohhh)

Went D rugs when I turned around

Laid a lock on a liqour store and burned it down

Or at least give her a tumor to kill the rumors (Yeahhh)

How she a coke consumer

And my girl too slick

Acting goody two shoes like she don't do spit (Ohhh)

I knew it, no bluffing

No fussing or nothing

After all, I'm the one that was up in her cousin (Hmmm)

But she got a girl in her world

F a boyfriend

I don't know if I'm mad or if I should join in

Like the movie flicks (Ohhh)

On my tippers with the hoochie slit (Ohhh)

I tell 'em you be quick

My grandmother need her rubies fixed

And some Gucci chips

She think I'm paid cause she heard me with the Fugee clique (Ohhh)

All the money she want

I tell her sue me quick

Why don't you shoot me quick

Do it tasteful and gratefully, hateful

My grateful behalf (Hmmm)

Now my girl is crying pregnant

Look it and laugh (Ohhh)

No, and I ain't seen 'em last in a year and a half

But they hand open

Prepared for the cash (Yeahhh)

Ch'all don't offend me

My ends be

Buried out in the Indies

Too bad I'm stingy (On and on)

{Throughout chorus}

On and on away we'll fall (On)

Like tears from a child, like tears from a child (Sometimes, yeaahh)

On and on the pained ones say(On and on, ohhhhh)

How fragile we are, how fragile we are(We are sooo fragile)

[Cam' Ron]


Yo, yo (Yeaah)

Yo, you got a best friend

Me too, mine's in heaven

My man Blood D.B. (Ohhh)

Left in '97 (Ohhh)

C'mon how that sound, yo

Put my man in the ground, yo

Cause he let a girl be his downfall

We would slide together

In a ride together (Ohhhh)

What you know about Blood

Even mine devers

How we cried together

Vowed to lie together

I wish I was in the whip

We could of died together (Ohhh)

Like the trone

Love is gone

I ain't bleeding

But I got blood on my arm

Cause what happen when you die

You miss one or two treeks

One or two weeks

One or two beeps

One or two peeps (Ohh)

Cats like you

Miss one or two freaks

Them hoes gon' cry

For one or two weeks (Yeahhh)

My life is like a car race

No brakes, just gas

Goin real fast

Probably land in a crash (Ohhh)

Like my cousin, perhaps

40 dozen and black

Harlem buzzing the fat

Prayin I wasn't the cat (Yeahhh)

But haters loving the fact

Can't stay on my toes

And I be laying in low

Y'all be blazing my hoes (Ohhhh)

Yeah, I sound wet

But lounge yet

Playa lay it down bet

Y'all be tryin to J and I ain't even in the ground yet (Hmmm)

Every first I put my heart in it

I love you Blood D.B. (I love you)

I'll see you in a minute (Ohhh)

{Throughout chorus}

On and on away we'll fall (Sometimes some fall)

Like tears from a child, like tears from a child (And the paain)

On and on the pained ones say (Sometimes it hurts so bad, ohhhh)

How fragile we are, how fragile we are (Ohhh, onnn)

On and on away we'll fall (Ohhhhh, yeahh)

Like tears from a child, like tears from a child (From a child,


On and on the pained ones say (On and on, yeahh)

How fragile we are, how fragile we are (oh yeahh)

On and on away we'll fall (We go on, on and on)

Like tears from a child, like tears from a child (Sometimes we get


sometimes we get sad, but we go on)

On and on the pained ones say (Yeahhh)

How fragile we are, how fragile we are (We are soooo fragile, ohhhh)

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Lyrics by Cam'Ron F/ Kelly Price

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