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Outro (Feat. Obie Trice)

[gun cocked back]

Nah, we ain't goin [echo]
I love bein hated, it great it
Let's me know that I made it
I wouldn't have it no other way
I wouldn't trade it for the world
Only let's me know that I'm loved
by so many other motherfuckers that ain't you
And as long, as you keep fuckin with us, we keep fuckin you up
And keep pullin the rug from up under you
And what's ever more fucked up, is we enjoy what were doin
so much there ain't nothin that we love more than Pullin Your Skirts Up
And exposin you hoes so much, people are startin to wonder
what's up with them fuckin one dough a man under-els
Do unto others of you will have done under you
So who the fuck you motherfuckers gonna run to
When someone runs up with a mask and puts a gun to you [gun cocks]
You will ask youself, how come your mans
didn't enter that last round that he had in Curtis Jackson's ass while he had the chance
You keep askin us to keep it on wax but we can't
This is past any irrationalization
We have captured national media attention
Conversation is senseless, you can sense the tension start buildin
soon as we enter the '106th & Park' building
Someone's gonna get killed and I swear to God
if someone so much as even touches one of my people
I'll put a million on his head
And you ain't got the funds to match or counteract it
But I'd rather rap than get into this gangsta shit
And it ain't because I'm a bitch
It's because I ain't a bitch, I don't endanger people that I'm with
I'm a general, I ain't Bush, I don't send my soldiers to war
I'm right there in the middle of the shit with 'em, so when I do get 'em
Orders to storm your headquarters, you'll be fuckin with a ..

[Swifty McVay]
Fuckin with a peacekeeper, see you the nigga that greet this lyrical meat cleaver
That I eat ya, niggaz wanna keep speakin, like it ain't even that deep
I got heat that'll sweep a niggaz street [explosion]
See I wouldn't fuck with me neither, only heaven can help ya
I'll be searchin for you longer than the Legend of Zelda
Without a failure, there's gonna be hell to tell the
captain that a bassett hound couldn't even smell ya
body, when I hide ya, I be on that mob shit
You another Hoffa, under the Renaissance bitch
You get bombed like Lebanon [explosion] with my own tactic
I snatch your head like one of Saddam's kids

[Obie Trice]
Motherfucker, I'll handle you
We can have it out on any Avenue
A Average Man flipped into an animal
Shoot out your mandibles
Cannons and ammunition, reload with precision
Nigga know the mechanicals
Break the pistol down, you should see them handles
The street taught the child, no read up manuals
Push your crack vows, young Nino Brown
Chasin green is the dream, when your young and brown
Bound to be a problem child, look what I'm involved in now
A 'Dozen Dirty' niggaz and they all get down
Dissolve any problem that enlarge with ours
When revolvers we said all men get down ([gunshot], c'mon)

While your punchin and tacklin punks
I'm handlin chumps, packin a pump
that's longer than the elephant trunk [gun cocks]
On the streets I'm a beast, I feast upon the weak
So speak beef, I'll shot you and scream increase the peace
A monster, pistol packin pushin niggaz off they Hondas
Starve ya, get it crackin, yankin bitches for they ganja
Sneaky as fuck, I don't think mama beat me enough
When she was sleepin stuff, I was stealin the keys to the truck
Shut the fuck up, before you end up dead in the dump truck
Or in the streets takin a nap, bleedin and Lugged up
Who Want What like M. Bleek, with this heat if you ten deep
Then fuck it, it will be ten sleepin [gunshots]

Know much about my a land ski
Don't tustle with my hand speed
Clutch your burner, bust it and watch your man bleed
We ferocious, toast no holsters
Approach us, throw heat straight from the soldiers (c'mon, [gunshot])
We the soldiers, ya'll the youngsters (ha)
Youngsters lungs puncture, dead in a dumpster [gunshot]
Upstairs the Munsters, hand full of drama
You scared of the drama, bomber the monster [gun cocks, boof]
I'm back nigga (woof), I reappear
Shoot like [gunshot], homie steer clear
Blackness, carcass covered with cat fish
We murkers with no purpose other than practice

There's three things I hate: liars, fakes and cheaters
Alcoholics, sluts and fuckin wife beaters
A gat that describes my life
I don't even know who song this is [Obie Trice]
Bitch, Bizarre don't give a fuck about no hip hop
At my release party in a pink tank top in Reeboks [laughing]
This Ja Rule beef I ain't gettin in
I'll meet an R & B singer to sing at my wedding
I turn your face into a fuckin meat patty
I'll fuck your mommy and go fishin with your granny
I'll Shit on You, I'll pee on R. Kelly too
This is Bizarre, see you Devil's Night 2

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