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[fatal - talking]

O.n.s. in this mother fucker

We got the plague in this mother fucker

The pentagon in this mother fucker

[verse 1 - fatal]

Around these blocks

You know these hot glocks

Cock till you drop

All you wanna-be cops

You don't wanna see shots

I beef deep with the police

Beat what the streets do to me

Actin all new to me

I'll creep on you like puberty

You don't wanna see the bad image

Of this primace

From here to east crems

Through every state with a sentence

Frozen weight in a couther

Six plates to soup ya

On due we always cruise

Right by the state troopers

When I'm drinkin with sal

I start thinkin 'bout al

Ricardi coverin my body

At the rink when I wow

I bag a hotty or two

This but a shotty for you

I got more bodies than drew

I drink mine naughty or new

Fuck your crew

This type of shit we do for a petty hobby

Fuck the whole world

This fatal dawg against everybody (it's on)

Better be twenty-five once this shit you never fuckin heard

Outlaw, outlaw, we rate these breaks

That shit we don't got be that shit we gotta take

[verse 2 - merciless x]

It's the merciless x

Like malcolm

Black as a falcon

How many shots I left depressed in your chest

I wasn't countin

But your back exploded (blaw!)

I episoded, with the weapon loaded

Let the next opponent

Get possessed with this merciless omen

The coldest crome to your dome

Sewn and holdin it's own

Let the barrel announce my ferocity

Twist spacious velocities

For haters watchin me

Make your block an atrocity

Break you down microscopic

Only doctors see, what the topic be

Drama through your armor

Bustin my two through your school of piranhas

My soldiers disapprove of your honor

We close captives, no conclusions

Let the revolver solve it

Evolve in this evolution

We shootin and pollutin

[chorus - fatal]

Pass the heat

And let me wave it in the air (air)

Guns bust, cowards fall

Niggaz just don't care (care)

To my lord I swear

We ain't never playin fair (fair)

On the streets you can't sleep

When the outlawz there

I know it's rainin on your block nigga (nigga)

You can't quit it

And you're prayin for it to stop nigga (nigga)

You shouldn't of did it

On a crash course chase of death (yeah, death)

Still thuggin on the streets (yeah)

Cause we the last ones left

[verse 3 - mac mall]

I take this thug shit seriously

Bought dirty gats with dope money

Atf can't fuck with me

My soldiers be

All there quiet

I'm holdin my crotch

Sippin henne nigga

You're life or you're not

Thug life my life

It don't stop

It's never too hot

And when I die I greet haze with glocks

Young crazy californians

Postin bout six in the mornin

On a quest to take the breath of my opponent

Them alls can't live

My cousins invite guns in they crib

Honey I'm home

Now nigga you're gone

Your bitch sing them songs

Like baritones to the rollers

When I saw her, I dumped on her

Like I supposed to

Now tell me what's funk without a mob year

And tell me what's a shrow without a witness

I only fuck with savages, soldiers, and hogs

From c.a. to n.j. mac mall be outlaws

[verse 4 - fatal]

Vocally undestructible

Your crew ain't got enough

To go clip to clip

When we shootin out on the strip

Cause I'm untouchable

I'll blast your

Chest through your back with kastro

Oh you ain't scared?

What the fuck you walkin so fast for?

Is you with me or against me

Don't run up on me and tempt me

To have your faggot ass bagged

Like a mother fuckin empty

And simply vengeance of dogs

We gets a real nigga

Let me borrow your bitch

And watch me go and chill with her

On a rise no lie

Go against me and die

Baby gated like a hive

On the side of me with a nine

Believe me

This shit makes circumstances much more devious

My murderous material

Got shorties livin mischievous

Smokin em is the easiest

The hard part is dealin with the fact

That I made it through rap

And gotta go back to killin

Cause broke niggaz be illin

Wantin money for a shoot or somethin

But you get nothin but murder when I be shootin somethin


[fatal - talking]

Yeah, we doubt y'all cause we outlaws

You better know breakin it all

Tappin your pocket and your jaw

In one swing nigga

Merciless x, fatal hussein, nigga

This ain't no game

We re-arrange your whole frame

Word is born, all y'all niggaz better maintain

I leave a chain of blood stains

Represent, never hesitant

All we out for is fuckin dead presidents

What? hah, what? yeah, it ain't hard to find

Out with nicco storm and it's on

Droppin bombs like vietnam

What you niggaz want?

Fatal hussein all seven

You niggaz better know we pledgin

And that's my word, pentagon

And I'm in this on

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Lyrics by Fatal

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