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Nyasu No Partii (Meowth's Party)

(This makes no sense for a reason... I'm told)

Mikazuki gata no tokubetsu chiketto ni

Kin iro gin iro kureyon de

(a new moon special ticket)

(with silver and gold crayons)

Nyasu no paati tte kaita nara

Kikyuu ni notte baramaku no nya

(if I write Nyasu's party)

(riding in an air balloon, I'll give them freely)

Kinkin kirakira yuuhi ga shizumeba

Sore ga Paati hajimari no aizu!

(if the golden sunset pleases me)

(that's the signal for the party to begin!)

Kinka no juutan shiki tsumeta

Yosora no paati kaijou

(a carpet of gold coins pack the ceremony)

(the night sky's party begins)

Dare ga kuru ka nya, daremo konai ka nya?

Dokidoki shinagara matteru nya

(will someone come? will anyone come?)

(though the city is exciting it will wait)

[Nya Nya Nyasu ni shoutai sareta yo]

(n-n-nyasu was given an invitation!)

Koohii kappu mo mujuuryoku

(even the coffee cup is floating)

[Nya Nya Nyasu ga ureshi sou da yo]

(n-n-Nyasu is so happy!)

Dosei no wakka de wanage shite

(playing horseshoes with Saturn)

[Nya Nya Nyasu ga nanika mitsuketa]

(n-n-Nyasu found something)

Sofuto kuriimu no seiza da nya!

(it's a constellation of ice cream!)

Uma sou da nya

(it's so delicious)

Oorora kaaten yurayura to

Kagayaku paati kaijou

(Aurora's curtain is flickering and)

(a bright party is beginning)

Okiraku sunappu hikaru furasshu!

Niyaniya egao ni mabushii nya

(easy snap, light flash!)

(there is a radiance in your broad smile)

[Nya Nya Nyasu ni shoutai sareta yo]

(N-n-Nyasu was given an invitation!)

Gitaa ni matagari sora o tobu

(Subtenancy in the guitar, the sky leaps)

[Nya Nya Nyasu ga ureshi sou da yo]

(N-n-Nyasu is so happy!)

Yooyoo shinagara sarenagara


(Nya Nya Nyasu ga nanika shiteru yo)

(N-n-Nyasu is doing something)

Tokei no hari o gyaku mawashi!

(time is moving bacwards!)

Jikan yo tomare nya

(stop, time!)

Dandandansu no rizumu kawareba

Sorosoro paati oshimai no aizu!

(if you change the rythm of the d-d-dance)

(that will be the signal for the party to end soon!)

Yappari tokei wa ugoiteta

Nemu sona paati kaijou

(as I expected, the time will move)

(a drowsy party is beginning)

Mou sukoshi dake ato chotto dake

Baibai iu no wa matte te nya!

(just a little more, just a little remains)

(saying bye-bye can wait!)

[Nya Nya Nyasu ni shoutai sareta yo]

(n-n-nyasu was given an invitation!)

eeki ni hoshikuzu toppingu

(lots of stardust for a topping)

[Nya Nya Nyasu ga ureshi sou da yo]

(n-n-Nyasu is so happy)

Nyasu no kaado de dai gyakuten

(a great reversal with Nyasu's card)

[Nya Nya Nyasu ga nanika tsubuyaku]

(n-n-Nyasu mutters about something)

Konya wa minna arigato nya..

(thanks for tonight, everyone...)

[Happi Nyaasu Dei!]

(Happy Nyasu Day!)

[Nyasu no paati madamada tsuzuku]

(there's still much more to come of Nyasu's party)

Konya wa batoru wa oyasumi nya

(tonight I'll rest from battle)

[Nyasu no paati kurukuru mawaru]

(Nyasu's party is spinning like a top)

Hito mo pokemon mo oshare shite

(both Pokemon and humans are smartly dressed)

[Nyasu no paati tanoshii jikan]

(Nyasu's party is a good time)

Moshimo yume demo ureshii nya

(even if it's only a dream, I'm happy!)

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