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Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em

Let the rhythm hit 'em

I'm the arsenal

I got artillery lyrics of ammo

Rounds of rhythm

Then I'm 'a give 'em piano

Bring a bullet proof vest

Nothin' to ricochet

Ready to aim at the brain

Now what the trigger say

Tempos triflin'

Felt like a rifle

Massage 'n' melodies

Might go right through

Simultaneously like an Uzi

Nothin' can bruise me

Lyrics let up when lady

Say don't lose me

So reload quickly

And you better hit me

While I'm lettin'

This fifi get wit' me

You steppin' with 007

Better make it snappy

No time to do your hair, baby

Brothers are bustin' at me

Beats and bullets pass me

None on target

They want the R hit

But watch the God get

Quicker, the tongue is the trigger

'Cause I'm real fast

Let off some rhythm at 'em

Let 'em feel the blast

Penetrate at a crazy rate

This ain't thirty-eight

Hit 'em at point blank range

And watch 'em radiate

Runnin' out of ammunition

I'm done wit' 'em

You ask me how I did 'em

I let the rhythm hit 'em

I push a power that's punishable

Better be a prisoner

The hit man is the

Brother wit' charisma

Showing you that I have

Powerful paragraphs

Followers will become leaders

But without a path

Ya mentally paralyzed

Crippled ya third eye

Rhymes are blurred

Then it occurred that you heard I

Reduced the friction

With crucifixion

Let loose the mix

Then boost the piston

Eric hit 'em with' some of that

Cut like a lumberjack

And me gettin' hit back

It won't be none of that

I'm untouchable

You see me in 3-D

When I let the rhythm

Hit another M.C.

Lyrics made of lead

Enters your head

Then eruptions of a mass production

Will spread when

Music is louder

Full of gunpowder

Microphone machinery

When I see a crowd of

Party people pumpin'

Their fist like this

Ya hide in the back

Thinkin' that I might miss

But the R is accurate

Plus I'm packed up with

Educated punch lines

That I have to hit

Whatever I aim at

I line 'em up

Ya body is weak, feel with pain

That time is up

You been hit with somethin'

Different, isn't it?

Rakim is gonna radiate

And nothing's equivalent

Nothin' can harm me

Why try to bar me

You couldn't come around

To rob with a army

You'll get wrecked by the architect

So respect 'em

I disconnect 'em,

Soon as I inject 'em

With radiation

Put 'em by the basement

Bust his chest open

Bash his face in

Let it split 'em

Since he brought his main man wit' 'em

He ask me how I did 'em

I let the rhythm hit 'em

Let it hit 'em

Dance floor's dangerous

Packed in like a briefcase

Rhythm with real rough rhyme

Beats with deep bass

Girls with tight pants

Maybe they might dance

Tonight if the Rs on the mike

There's a slight chance

The crowd is crucial

M.C.'s grounds are neutral

Now that you're here

Let me introduce you

Get ready

I'm hard read like graffiti but steady

Science I drop is real heavy

Radiant energy, that'll be the penalty

Touch the third rail on the pain of remedy

The prescription's one every hour

Now it's a havoc

If ya need another hit from the freestyle fanatic

Attention, follow directions real close

Keep out of reach of children

Beware of overdose

Too many milligram

But what made a iller jam

My rhyme is the rhythm of thoughts

That kill a man

Ideas for the ear to fear

Might split 'em, he'll never forget 'em

He'll rest in peace wit' 'em

At least when he left he'll know what hit 'em

The last breath of the words of death

Was the rhythm

Now throw you hands in the air and yo, go

Rakim will do the rest of this slow

If I speed they know they'll blow the hell up

If I slow up, catch up, hell no

Wicked as I kicked it

Don't need to remix it

'Cause I prefixed it

Reversed and switched it

Perform to perfection

Section for section

Rhymes keep connectin'

Ya guessin' what's next an'

Blood pressure rise as ya damn near lost it

Ya hit the ground burnin' and woke up frostbitten

'Cause when I explained, ya can't complain for pain

Travel through the brain hit a vein, then remain, let it radiate

Vibes will vibrate, why did you violate

Now I'm 'a have to let the style break

Moans now the tone is ingrown

After this here's thrown, gimme another microphone

Before I get that fifi I met

Whisper I wanna reach your intellect

Kiss her 'cause I wanna give her the most respect

So I shine and let my write reflect

Hold 'er, mold 'er, make 'er feel older

Lay her on my shoulder, everything I told her

Makes her feel secure whenever I'm wit' 'er

And you know how I did 'er

Me and the rhythm hit 'er

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