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Kept Grindin'
Insane Clown Posse

We kept hustlin'

We kept grindin'

The overwhelmin' workload that it takes

The shakin' off snakes, the pains and the aches

Wrong moves and mistakes, they disrupt

Corrupt and distract you from your mission

And all those who let go and spend their lives wishin' and missin'

I couldn't listen in school, I felt I had a different callin'

But all everybody did was roll their eyes and start yawnin'

But this is real life and only you is livin' through your eyes

There are dreamers, those who want it and us, who won't be denied

It's a struggle every day, success is far from fuckin' free

Unless you plucked it from a tree with J and ICP

Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J refuse to lose

Livin' proof do what you got and you can do what you choose

Hate to sit back on this track like a little bitch and reminisce

But instead I'll kick a little history all about the hatchet

By this time in the game, most motherfuckers fell apart

In these years we still shinin' and we now just gettin' our start

Inner City Posse jumped on the scene and we was mad crewed up

In the end when shit got rough it was just the two of us

When you was in the club getting' ya grind and ya sip on

We was in the parkin' lot gettin' our flyers on

Did my first show when I was sixteen, it's still part of my scheme

J holdin' out a drive-thru window at Burger King to support our dreams

It seemed like yesterday, the world wasn't ready for two clown freaks

But we kept grindin', now who on whose dick, lil' bitch shit

We kept hustlin'

We kept grindin'

I woke up in the mornin' with my head on backwards

Went from street livin' to an underground master

Went from sellin' baggies in allies to sellin' from here to Cali'

And rollin' with the Psychopathic family

I started up with Krazees, hooked up with Violent J

The rest is still being written like a biography

Don't think you know my story 'cause there's too much to tell

Just know that I've been underground and I've been doin' well

Since the days of makin' tapes in the basement

We came a long way, I'd like to see you do the same shit

Monoxide and I'm Twiztid with a Z

Carnival representin' 'til I D-I-E

We met ICP way back, tourin' once or twice

They was real cool, felt like we known 'em all our life

They said, You ever wanna side with them?

We was like, Hell yeah, we down the ground with friends

They put us out, this was way before the family era

When we toured for three years with a t-shirt

Gettin' mixed response from the bleachers and show-goers

Prepared for rock-throwers and flame-throwers, we stayed focused

In '98 we dropped our first LP

Psychopathic presentin' Twiztid Mostasteless, the CD

Go out and get it, bitch, shit is cold as ice

So dope that we released it twice and we still here

We kept hustlin'

We kept grindin'

It started as a guest, I moved later to a real spot

Worked behind the scenes before I really got a shot

In the studio, twistin' still need jsdflkjlk;jsdflkdfjdf

My skills got me the deal off the CD you know it's dope

But it was on now in '99, the first GOTJ

Ya, Dead Homie Blaze and ABK rippin' the stage

The first time I ever got to grind in the sunshine

Six minutes shorter, the EP's full play time

Still confusin' some, give love for One Less G

That's when we moved to the streets and people started hearin' me

From Colton Grundy to Clockwork Grey my skills increased

Don't believe me? Pick up my next CD

I keep it grindin' like an old set of car brakes

Started off with a duel player and cassette tapes

By '95 my life was frustrated so I developed my mentals

And let the funk recreate it

And then I hit the stage with my homie Blaze, thuggin' for life

City to city tours under the light

Straight outta Detroit grindin' Warrior, baby

I ain't never gonna stop, my heat's never on safety

This is Psychopathic bitch boy and we so sweet

What you know about the label runnin' under the streets?

This be Anybody Killa, homie, like me or not

Over a hundred thousand sold, bitch, with one 'bout to drop

For real

We kept hustlin'

We kept grindin'

Motherfuckers don't trip, I'm one of the youngest homies on the

And keepin' it grindin' with a

And on my way to the fuckin' top

Because we underneath the surface be prepared to be real hurt, bitch

We came from the gutter and now I'm fuckin' your mother and workin' it

I know I'm only 24 up in this hoe but check it, yo

I was smokin' it before some of y'all was even startin' to grow

Some of y'all don't even know, so many shows by eighteen

And by my twenty-first I was on the national scene

And see, been given an opportunity to speak my words and, yo

Be keepin' it wicked and run with the hatchet for show

So slow your roll, my name is Bonez and this be O-T

We murderin' fucks 'til the sun comes up that's why they call us A.M.B

Hey, homie, I hope you listen to my rappin'

,Cause rappin' is all I have it's all that every fuckin' mattered

Your heart can get shattered your pockets can get fatter

Just grind like me and mine and you'll shine like my family

In the beginnin' my mission was to make it to the hatchet

Then I did it and started laughin', I grinded and look what happened

My mind is not on this planet 'cause y'all thought that we vanished

But god's hand got my back and the game still gets me fuckin' mad

I start poppin' off at the mouth when somethin' bothers me

You motherfuckers better give it up for R.O.C

You motherfuckers better give it up for A.M.B

DJ Clay mix-tapes, gettin' paid and makin' haters bleed

We kept hustlin'

We kept grindin'

All the blood and the tears I spent on over the years

And all the time on the grind I conquered most of my fears

Not knowin' would I make it and was it worth the sacrifice

Skippin' meals and skippin' bills, I hoped that it was worth the price

Of the love of my kids and would they hate me in the end

For all the time I didn't spend I knew I'd have to make amends

So kept the mike in one hand the other gripped on my glock

Kept one eye on the prize, the other fixed up on the clock

It was a hustler in my heart who let me know I wouldn't fail

Would I end up on the stage or would I end up in a cell?

Then one Monday afternoon I got that call from Psychopathic

Put the pistol in the drawer and now I'm runnin' with the hatchet


We kept hustlin'

We kept grindin'

I was sixteen young and was never put on

But was put down strong and when Big Rude gave me a call

Sayin' that the wicked clowns had a party called Big Ballas

And if I want to come spin and make a couple dollars

St. Andrew's Hall


Remember it all


When I went into this game who knew I would last this long

Then when '06 came around you can fuck the fuck off

It was me and Shaggy 2 Dope, I was on my first tour

And little did I know it was the first of many more

Now I'm pushin' out mix-tapes for the juggalos

And the love I get from them keeps me higher than some dro

That's why I'm standin' here

Arms crossed just to let you know how we

We kept hustlin'

We kept grindin'

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