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KDD (parikara*)
Pizzicato Five

Translators: Andrei Cunha

sunao ni
watashi wa
sore ga dekinai
watashi wa
sore mo dekinai

kongari yaketa
toast no mimi
itsumo nokoshite
shimau no
table no ue
soup mo sukoshi
samete shimatta

sugiru wa
sono kyoku
sukoshi urusai
oshaberi sugiru
anata mo so yo urusai

hirosugiru heya
shinya no terebi
tada nantonaku
kajitte nemuru
okina bed
sore dake

pari kara
collect call de
anata ni denwa suru no
ima goro
sagashite iru no ne
mo modoranai tsumori
ryokin senpo barai de
anata ni sayonara suru
tsunaide chodai

kono machi
watashi ni
sukoshi awanai
tsuide ni
anata mo
watashi ni
anata no card wo
tsukatte sukoshi
okane wo yoi shita no yo
futari de katta
kinen ni moratte
iku wa ne

pari kara
collect call de
gokigen ikaga to kiku
kawaii watashi no
koto nara
dozo ki ni shinaide ne
ryokin senpo
barai de
sayonara iu tsumori yo
kawaii watashi no koto nara
wasurete ne

o-keshoshitsu de
beige no lip
kichinto hiite
mita no yo
kushami wo hitotsu
uwasa banashi ga
hora todoku desho
anata ni

pari kara
collect call de
gokigen ikaga to kiku
kawaii watashi no koto nara
dozo ki ni shinaide ne
ryokin senpo barai de
sayonara iu tsumori yo
tsunaide chodai

is something
i simply can't do
i also
don't know
how to be cute
and smile

i always leave
the crust
of the toast
on the table
the soup has
turned cold
i don't
want it

it's too
this song,
too noisy
and you too
you talk too much

this room is too wide
watching telly thru the night
i just turned it on
without a specific purpose
i'll nibble a sleeping pill
and sleep
the big bed
that's all

from paris
calling collect
i'll phone you
you're looking
for me but
i'm not
coming back
i'll say sayonara to you
on collect
please operator
complete the call

this city
does not
become me
on top of that
you too
don't become
i used
your card
and got some money
the alarm clock
we bought together
i'm keeping it
as a souvenir

from paris
on collect
i'm asking you how you are
i'm just
being cute
don't mind what i do please
reverse the
i'll say sayonara
forget you knew me
forget my cuteness

at the ladys' room
i tried on
my beige lipstick
i sneezed
someone must be
talking about me (**)
it's you

from paris
on collect
i'll ask how you are
don't mind me please
i'm just being cute
reverse the charges
i'll say sayonara to you
come on
hurry complete the call

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