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Ion Feel Em
Yo Gotti

Got beef with a nigga on Twitter, you a hitter

Gun emoji on they comment, you gon' kill 'em

I don't believe these niggas

I ain't with these niggas

I don't get these niggas

I don't feel 'em

And you got eggs for sale on the 'gram

Took a picture from the Lamb

And you got bricks for sale on the town, God damn

I don't trust these niggas

I don't fuck with these niggas

These buster-ass niggas, I don't feel 'em

I don't feel 'em, I don't feel 'em

I don't feel 'em, I don't feel 'em, I don't feel 'em

You a gangsta on Twitter, I don't feel you

Sendin' threats on the 'gram, they gon' kill you

I just woke up to some Twitter beef

Social gangstas, them niggas tickle me

And my bitch say I'm a deadbeat, on the 'gram

But I burn they head every week

I'm from Memphis, my nigga

Shit different, my nigga

We don't do comments

These young niggas shoot pistols, my nigga

Drug dealin' on the 'gram, you got the eggs for sale

Are you a Microsoft plug, you got threats for sale?

These niggas uploading guns and shit

Can't make bonds and shit

When you gon' post your whole life, how you gon' run?

These niggas ain't thinkin', these niggas foolish

And me, I'm just coolin'

Kickin' back, like who they think that they foolin'?

These niggas ain't G, these niggas ain't me

These bitches really ain't bad, like they on I-G

In person, might think it's a whole 'nother person

Nigga livin' through my verses

Bitches fuckin' just for purses; is it worth it?

But who am I?

I will never live a lie, I won't even try

Nigga quick to post some shit that they can't even buy

Nigga quick to write some shit that they won't even try

Gun emoji, bang-bang; pussy, you a lie

Never shot nothin', never watched nothin' die

How you gon' hash-tag squad, when you ain't ever ride?

Log on, log off; yeah, run and hide

And be on that same tough shit when I'm lookin' in your eyes


Got beef with a nigga on Twitter, you a hitter

Gun emoji on they comment', you gon' kill 'em

I don't believe these niggas

I ain't with these niggas

I don't get these niggas

I don't feel 'em
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Lyrics by Yo Gotti

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