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Pizzicato Five

Translators: Andrei Cunha
asano: eeee nagai koto o-matase

ano watakushi wa
pizzicato ga eeeee
shozoku suru
seven gods records to iu
label no daihyo de
asano to iimasu.

eeeeee kyo tonikaku eeeee
daihyo ga aisatsu suru koto de
ika ni chikara wo
pizzicato five ni ireteru ka
to iu koto wo eeee mishite
kuru to iu koto datta node
eeeeeeee hazukashinagara
eeeeeee ko iu tokoro ni
dete kita shidai desu kedomo
anooooo maaaa
pizzicato five to iu no wa
ima made eeeeee teichiku jidai
maaa sore ga dai eeee gyokai
de wa dai ikki to
sore kara cbs sony
sore wa dai niki eeeeee

eeeeeee sore kara kondo
dai sanki ni narun
member mo isshin shimashite
eeeee aratana kimochi de
yatte kimasu node dozo
o-en no ho wo yoroshiku
oneigai shimasu.

eeeee ma ko iu toko ni
deta kara ni wa
desu ne maaaa ironna koto wo
nan to iun desu ka eeeeeee
ika ni pizzicato five wa
subarashii ka to iu
koto desu ne
yama no yo ni iwanai to
eeee shita ni
orite kiso mo nainnde
eeeee are nan desu kedomo
maa mina-san kyo kite
irassharu mina-san wa ne
honto ni pizzicato no suki na
kata bakari da to omoun desukedo
eeeeemo chotto hiroi
budokan atari de
kore dake dake no o-kyaku-san ga
kuru to ii na to omoun desukedo mo

eeeeeee maaa sono koto yutteru
dake de mina-san ano
hayaku karera no eeeee
ano atarashii karera wo mitai
to omotte irassharu to omou no de
eeeee shokai shimasu.

ookina hakushu de o-mukae
pizzicato five!

takanami: konbanwa!
pizzicato five desu!

maki-chan: konbanwa!
pizzicato five desu!

konishi: konbanwa!
pizzicato five desu!

asano: we're sorry for
keeping you waiting.
ahhhh my name is
asano from
seven gods records
the label mmmmmmm
pizzicato five
belongs to.

well, er, tonight, er
we decided a representative
should come on stage
to prove how much we down there
at seven gods believe in
pizzicato five.
so although i feel embarrassed
to come on stage well
hmmmmmm here i am!
well, ah
pizzicato five has had
a teichiku phase
which we call
their first phase
among ourselves
then there was cbs sony
their second phase mmm

and then now
what we can call
a third phase
with new members
umm, with a new outlook
there they come so
you fellas are sure
to have a good time.

er, well since i have
come this far
i suppose if i don't
praise pizzicato five
to heaven i won't
be able to
get off
the stage
but well you know
uh, well you know
well you guys just listen to this
ladies and gentlemen
i think everybody who came tonight
must be a pizzicato five fan
uh, i wish we could've
rented a bigger place
for tonight like the budokan ()
i wish we could've

well if you're to
listen to my blabber
i suppose you mmm
want to have a look
at the new group
so, ah, let me introduce to you

please a big applause
ladies and gentlemen
les pizzicato five!

takanami: 'evening!
we are pizzicato five!

maki-chan: hi!
we are pizzicato five!

konishi: hello everybody!
we are pizzicato five!

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