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In Quest For
Michael Kiske

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Lyrics by Michael Kiske

  A Little Time   A Song Is Just A Moment   A Tale That Wasn't Right   Always   Anywhere   Avantasia   Back On The Streets   Be True To Yourself   Blue Suede Shoes   Break Away   Burned Out   Chalice Of Agony   Could Cry   Crazy Cat   Crosstown   Cut In The Middle   Do I Remember A Life   Do I Remember a Life?   Don't Run For Cover   Dr. Stein   Eagle Fly Free   Easy   Exclusive Helloween Interview   Farewell   First Time   Follow The Sign   Future World   Get Me Out Of Here   Giants   Goin' Home   Halloween   Heavy Metal Hammsters   How Many Tears   Hunted   I Believe   I Don't Care, You Don't Care   I Don't Wanna Cry No More   I Want Out   I'm Alive   I'm Don't Fine Crazy Man   In The Night   Into The Unknown   It   Keeper Of The Seven Keys   Key To The Universe   Kids Of The Century   Land Of The Free   Livin' Ain't No Crime   Longing   Mankind   March Of Time   Memory   Music   Neverland   New Horizons   No Return   Number One   Out Of Homes   Philistine City   Pink Bubbles Go Ape   Reach Out For The Light   Revolution Now   Rise And Fall   Rock 'n' Roll's Dead   Savage   Save Us   Save Us   Shadowfights   Shadowfights   So Sick   So Sick   Somebody Somewhere   Somebody Somewhere   Someone's Crying   Someone's Crying   Starlight   Starlight   Step Out Of Hell   Thanx A Lot!   The Calling   The Chance   The Final Sacrifice   The Looking Glass   The Tower   Time To Break Free   Time's Passing By   Truly   Twilight Of The Gods   Victim Of Fate   Watch Your Blue   We Got the Right   When The Sinner   When You're Down On You're Knees That...   Where Wishes Fly   Windmill   You Always Walk Alone   You Run With The Pack   Your Turn

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