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III. life: The biggest troll (andrew auernheimer)
Childish Gambino

I'm flying

[Verse 1]
Man made the Web, you don't need a name
Man made of faults, I ain't too ashamed
Every thought I had, put it in a box
Everybody see it just before the cops
Trolling, trolling, trolling these niggas
Rick Rolling these niggas, they mad cause they don't know any better
Hold up, it's the kid, quick, tell him he can't sit with us
Fuck it, got money, bought friends like I'm TBS
VVS, I can see it all with the clarity
Real deep, hope they dig a nigga 'fore they bury me
Even though, we were told to go where they wouldn't go
Hella slow, that's that dial up, watch it pile up

[Bridge] x4
Andrew Auernheimer
Pulling on her weave, it's that Andrew Auernheimer

[Verse 2]
We are the dreams of our parents lost in the future
Who hide the deepest desires and wear a mask like a lucha-
Door open, we were smoking in the hotel
The vapors went through the hallway, the manager pissed as hell
I mean where's the line between Donnie G and Gambino?
He hang with girls like he Lena, but needed some time to re-up
Tequila in the cantina, 30 dollars I swallowed
The salsa so malo then she said You need to grow up
You been doing this for too long
That Camp was a million years ago, sing me a different song
Whether you're trolling or controlling, just a reminder
You think you get it, you don't, it's the Andrew Auernheimer, I'm gone...

[Verse 3]
Now I'm back, give a fuck or give 'em hell, just not a chance to react
Tyler Durden this burden, hurting, they said there was curtains
Certain demise, look in his eyes, the pain inadvertent
I could've stayed where I was and have a life you'd be proud of
But I'd rather chase things never thought of
It was all love, saying Go hard
Making dope, it's a trap, Ackbar backfired
Panic dreams, so it seems we're meant to die
I had to figure it out; It's the best, no, that's a lie
Had to get some stuff off my chest, I vaporized
High on my own, it took time to realize
Because the Internet, mistakes are forever
But if we fuck up on this journey, at least we're together
Man, I wish I could go back and tell that kid it's make-believe
Make 'em believe in themselves, people who needed my help
Feelings I felt, keeling myself
No one's ever been this lost
I just get the information retweet it or say it sucks
I just got the motivation, your talent's just a bunch of luck
Hard work and dedication, but lately it's run amok
Waking up in these places I don't remember
Texts from people I never met, doors left open
(Who are you? Don't do it. Who are you?)
I don't know who I am anymore

Still on the beat though
Still in the game, but he moves with a cheat code
Slowest connection ever, my life inside a computer
Them bands that'll make 'em dance, my wallet's Lollapalooza
The violence, first-person shooter
First person to move, first person to speak
My mils aren't meek, they scream in the streets
Losing my frame of reference, these pieces of shit for breakfast
Funny the day you born that's really your death sentence

[Verse 4]
I met this girl at a dinner, we conversating
She beautiful in the face, but her voice is truly amazing
Plus she write her own shit, becoming so close knit
Smoke up and talk in the evening, she helping me focus
No Anna Nicole Smith, she getting hers
Niggas take her props like a musical live and learn
She say she feel alone all the time, I'm similar
I meet her in my dreams on the moon, I visit her
Every night I text her I wanna solve the world, I think I need your help
She text me How you gon' trust somebody when you don't trust yourself?
I mean she right though, 45 like a light-bulb
And I could've died like my iPhone, but I kept going like a psycho
And I took chance like a dice roll, dropping jewels like it's puberty
Wrote a note on the glass: You see what these labels do to me?
Texts said, I'm wet; I said, Hold up, wait up a minute
H2O plus my D, that's my hood, I'm living in it
Never forget this feeling, never gonna reach a million
Eventually all my followers realize they don't need a leader
Stay on your own shit, fuck what these clones think
Just remember that you the shit, but act like it don't stink
We were childish but had to grow up
When you spitting real shit eventually you throw up
Realities like allergies, I'm afraid to go nuts
Life's the biggest troll but the joke is on us
Yeah, the joke's you showed up

You're here now. You have to help me
You have to help me
I need you. You have to help me
You have to help me
You have to help me
Please help me
Please help me
Please help me

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