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The Gaslight Anthem

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Lyrics by The Gaslight Anthem

  "45"   1,000 Years   1000 Years   1930   45   Ain't That a Shame   American Slang   Angry Johnny And The Radio   Antonia Jane (Lightning Dust cover)   Anywhere I Lay My Head   Biloxi Parish   Blue Dahila   Blue Dahlia   Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts   Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts   Blue Jeans And White T-Shirts   Boomboxes And Dictionaries   Boxer   Break Your Heart   Bring It On   Casanova Baby   Casanova, Baby!   Dark Places   Desire   Drive   Even Cowgirls Get The Blues   Film Noir   Get Hurt   God's Gonna Cut You Down   God's Gonna Cut You Down (Johnny Cash cover)   Gods Gonna Cut You Down   Great Expectations   Halloween   Handwritten   Have Mercy   Helter Skeleton   Here Comes My Man   Here's Looking At You Kid   Here's Looking At You, Kid   Here's Looking At You, Kid   High Lonesome   Hold You Up   I Coulda Been A Contender   I'da Called You Woody, Joe   I’da Called You Woody, Joe   Keepsake   Liars On Fire   Mae   Making Whoopee   Mama's Boys   Meet Me by the River's Edge   Meet Me By The River's Edge   Miles Davis & The Cool   Miles Davis And The Cool   Misery   Mulholland Drive   National Anthem   Old Haunts   Old White Lincoln   Once Upon a Time   Once Upon a Time (Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surp...   Orphans   Red At Night   Red In The Morning   Red Violins   Rollin and Tumblin   Rollin' And Tumblin'   Rollin' And Tumblin'   Say I Won't (Recognize)   Se\u00f1or And The Queen   Señor And The Queen   Señor and the Queen   Selected Poems   Senor And The Queen   She Loves You   Silver   Skinny Love   Sliver   Sliver (Nirvana cover)   State Of Love And Trust   State of Love and Trust (Pearl Jam cover)   Stay Lucky   Stay Vicious   Stray Paper   Sweet Morphine   Teenage Rebellion   The '59 Sound   The '59 Sound   The 59 Sound   The Backseat   The Blues, Mary   The Diamond Church Street Choir   The House of the Rising Sun (The Animals cover)   The Navesink Banks   The Patient Farris Wheel   The Patient Ferris Wheel   The Queen Of Lower Chelsea   The Spirit Of Jazz   This is Where We Part   Too Much Blood   Tumbling Dice   Underneath The Ground   We Came To Dance   We Did It When We Were Young   We're Getting A Divorce, You Keep The Diner   Wherefor Art Thou, Elvis?   Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis?   Wooderson   You Got Lucky   You Got Lucky (Tom Petty cover)

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