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Hour 11

Walking hatched ribs set on an airport conveyor belt

with dead oystergrey birds cupped within each meatbelted basin,

songs disconnected from first blink

and strewn across the pale corn wandering for food to breathe,

each furnished with a screwdriver to pry open his stubborn epiglottis

and ring a corresponding egg cup’s careful palm

with marble shells blooming a kindled swallow

and survey with fleshrimmed glasses

the aquarium’s domino current through starspun exposure,

future noise and present accordion swung girders’ tomorrowpractice.

gelpunched and perched even with the blinds drawn

It’s not defense if you’re holding the ball.

that sticker’s not an iceberg, it’s the hilt of a sword

Crawl white pawns in dirty shadow while the grid is quicksand blonde

to spit their shells earthspoken for the rain’s fading glow

diverted from the dry meniscus tide grass’ edged in the dark hollow cavities

moaning stream through the creamy extruded lathe wallet presets

linked on the table at the back.

whitepetal tongue bus pass drops with your necksack,

making a sound like a ceramic plate being scraped by a butterknife

your shackled shadow sold from your coal and backpracticed thumbs

ripping a rictus wide open the distance between real and realistic so

birds eat onions.

Turn hearts into attacks

and a cross into crosshairs

principles, not polls.

she kit mobile behind bat seamstress manor

upsetting a truckful of nails around my personal campfire

molten contact raised above its brow,

a knock at freedom friend foyer fishing frantic static and rush

beneath the falling billowed foot on the vessel eyehanger

hall knots lured from berber beds to displace elbows in hats

and cushion skirting knuckles held alternating for certainty.

mandatory options

only a painted cel of a cartoon animal

dithers to gruel and cheekbitten chatter

picking the taste of sadness’ sweet burrs from its tongue

i’m not sick anymore, yet:

‘a million miles away’ crouches around a fire

or stone overbite correction.

circle in squares,

smokestack newsprint nails daddy longlegs

rising from klodhopper corduroy

but bubbled under thumbs as while greenhouse hair.

vegetable bagged safety and mouse mug,

earwigs lighting apartments on fire

and nepotism ignites onion dome mace

under tightened cheekbones.

Pale yellow daydrunk,

coins flipping on pools of ink in glistening velvet

and a gaze like planks resting on the horizon,

summer’s empty churches and the

chicken trucks cut the sleeping town

Unaligned features, waterlife,

pinched peach pie crust bulb thinning wet fingertips and puppet arms

in matte foil green hallway in the thicket behind my left year

committee seatbelt caught out the door

red picnic tables

A calculator with word buttons or amphibian air quotes

sharing the same dim torso and mosaictattooed sunken face

* * *

‘You know, these people are nice, but they’re just very...’

boxcarred as long vowels inking handout jacket holes

with the flick of one smoky hand and my mosscovered back turned.

Pace four hundred metre rain floating coy greenblack attack moth

to orange snapshots channel swap as perpetual draft

over a couple teens singing soundless in the wind,

one hand firm along the dark church walls.

Obsolete in an endless compound gym,

and leaving through the trophy case into that same green hall,

where magnetic monoliths hovered warily in blowout sunlight,

suddenly spinning and aligning to hug a ghost

in the black endlessness of saturday morning.

it spreads out on the table like a pointed cliff:

greybeard and left row window dimming,

vocab by erasure.

Mall a mill churning dust as an endless subway sigh

stretched across the pathless winter fields,

new years’ bleak and songchoke striped,

frozen knees planted in night

a blind tree surgeon printing rust in the sheets

a full beige stalled ocean chalked on the hopscotch

apart thanks to variable windspeed static comb

tugging the pebble past block letters and january death

to fall unsolved but open

with thin three by fives halted herring crusted under inkjets

unreal and unmoving in their cushion.

Caught tender beyond breathing the shapeless ellipsis

my topteeth point

the way the tide is inscribed behind my forehead and

land warm woven in my own theatre,

nudging balance bundle as true night begins,

and an internet ice age moves behind us

to lock down the debris,

and first snow’s sanded grey sawdust of remainder driftwood

frames the road as a black-and-white photograph

hidden under the floorboards

* * *


engines running

black lungs stale,

nowhere but sideways to go.

past this point nothing grows.

You awake uncertain in your car

surrounded by millions in cars

thickset on every side

a single cell in a sheet of sealed silver bricks,

all jammed handle to handle

to the hem of the sky

It’s harder bridging

a lot so tightly parked

few can hope to depart

and consolidate a map of the marks of living

threading these aging tarps,

extending arms in the dark

to wear silence like a winter coat

but written in the breath

of some faraway windows

are rumors of a liquid that

dissolves upholstery and metal like sugar

if you only could see it

and flood the floor

and lose your spot

to find the edges

in all that you’re functioning through

Treeline dawning


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