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Home Invasion
Ace Hood

(feat. Vado)


Playa (hater)

Turn yo head round (Turn yo head round)

Lay on the ground,

You've been robbed

Wake up (Wake up)

Open the door (Open the door)

Lay on the floor,

You've been robbed

[Verse 1:]

Uh! Nigga I smell murda

Glock 9, but them niggas turn up

10 killas in the Chevy

Nigga 16 with the burner

Teller put the money in the bags, go and show me where the stash, actin funny with the cash hah?

Ok, niggas wanna play dumb-dumb

Dirty glocks, never knowin' where they come from

Bang, motherfucker get low

Hundred round chopper, that potato on the nose

Killas stay lurkin and they do it on purpose

I just tell em keep shootin like they tryna overdose

Keep playin with a real nigga

You gon end up in the box like Hilfiger

Yea, man you lookin at a gorilla

I don't like no niggas holdin niggas' glock like a 4 wheeler

Cus that bitch go to kickin, blue caine

All black when I'm ridin, Bruce Wayne

Niggas bump to the money, Hussein

Never change them true, 2 Chainz

Hundred grand to yo boys like loose change

Better hush for that choppa wanna do things

Bang! Chit-chit bang-bang!



Playa (hater)

Turn yo head round (Turn yo head round)

Lay on the ground,

You've been robbed

[Verse 2:]

Phone call from my Haitian homie say Papi got the good yay

No cellphone, no landlines, he do business off the 2 way

Call the homies, they gon run up on him, got sticks a waving too late

You know what I came for so don't play

Leave 100 O's round where you stay

Lawd, somebody call the popo

Snitch niggas die slow

Will they ever catch me?

Pussy nigga nono

Runnin out yo mouth, I'm just hopin you about it

Every nigga with me, boy that ready get started

No patdowns when I walk up in the party,

Smoking that stank, who he think he, Bob Marley?

No games

When I pull up in that foreign kill niggas

Hood nation, motherfucker, Real niggas

Won't stop, getting money, deal with it

Yea I'm fuckin yo bitch, I'm still in it

No tips on a whip so you see me in it

I can run through a clip, less than 2 minutes

Bang bang, reload til it start clickin


Playa (hater)

Turn yo head round (Turn yo head round)

Lay on the ground,

You've been robbed

[Verse 3:]

Uh, half a drank like who gave you?

Move caine, I've been Abel

Bakin soda, no label

TV on but no cable

Streets talkin, I heard em

Hands out but curd him

He don't wanna work, he just wanted work

That he can handout and just burn him

Heard it all before though

Then went and copped the 4 do

Told pop I needed 4 mo

He texted back like fo sho

10 choppas goin fofo

Come fofo, crack blow do

Had em all magnets

Why we don't spoke

I mean no speak, I thought I won't eat, nah

I'm tied niggas, tired niggas

Quick to talk how they tie niggas

I'm on the block like who's tied nigga

Gun is cocked like who's fine quicker

Corner pack like those my niggas

G spots, we rackin em

Church guarded, I'm backin em

That's a lot of money, we stackin em


Playa (hater)

Turn yo head round (Turn yo head round)

Lay on the ground,

You've been robbed

Wake up (Wake up)

Open the door (Open the door)

Lay on the floor,

You've been robbed

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