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Goin' Through Some Thangs
Master P

[Chorus: Master P]

I'm going through some thangs

These bitch ass niggas got me goin' through some thangs.

I'm going through some thangs

I'm going through some thangs

These bitch ass niggas got me goin' through some thangs.

[Verse 1: Master P]

I close my eyes, I can't sleep, I visualize death

I seen my little homie get smoked like a cigarette

And these G's on the streets, enemies,

They'll take your life for a hundred C's

I mean a hundred dollars or less

The game gets so wicked that I wear a bulletproof vest

And now I'm grown, and they wonder why I'm crazy

Imagine feedin' tablets and beer to a baby

Never had a chance when I was 5

Nigga took me in the car, took me on the ghetto ride

Cruisin' through streets that I've never seen

Pull the clip off a 30 round magazine

Taught me how to deal with a triple beam

And ever since then I've been servin' dope fiends

I got the game in the bag that's so big

Nigga see my nuts it's like two figs

Swoll to the fullest,

In my heart to my vein, pumpk nickel plated bullets

And this ghetto got me stressed (stressed),

Cuz niggas that you know (bitches) will rob you blind & leave you to rest.

[Chorus: Master P]

I'm going through some thangs

These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs

I'm going through some thangs

I'm going through some thangs

These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs

I'm going through some thangs

I'm going through some thangs

These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs

[Verse 2: Big Ed]

I hit that nigga with a ar-15, do it clean

Back up in the lex, bumpin' Mia, with my mug mean

Bulletproof vest, Smith & Wess

For enemies fuckin' steppin' in my direction

I'm gonna teach these niggas a lesson.

Flexin' like an Anaconda, I'm stuffed like bombers

Hit ya step and get wet, then duck my doorway teck.

I holds my own like I'm pissin'

Beef with us is death wishing, I put to work because they didn't listen

They tryed to set me up, why did they push me?

Hook me up in the town with the killer pussy

Rap me up between the sheets

Nigga bust out the closet, but my 9 made 'em dead meat.

I shot the hoe who set me up

I'm drivin' off mad because the niggas threw off my nut

I'm going through a thang, ain't no thang though

Cause before I left, I hit the set & took all the dope

[Chorus: Master P]

I'm going thorugh some thangs

I'm going through some thangs

These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs

I'm going through some thangs

I'm going through some thangs

These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs

[Mr. Serv-On]

So if it seem, point the beam

Since a youngster, these niggas pushed my cemetery dream

Lean my body if they could,

And wished ya die, I wished ya coward motherfuckers would

Everyday, I thank god for my baby, she fall asleep on my chest

But if her momma catch her callin' me daddy, she whoop that ass

I'm not scared to blast, why my momma wish she never had me?

She know these streets got me crazy

I'm hittin' my momma for some pocket change,

To stay one step ahead all these niggas in the game

My daddy, gangsterism pumpin' d up in my vein.

Should I kill a nigga for respect, or should I let him go?

And if I do, someone please close my eyes

When I'm layin' bleedin' on the floor

That's why I never trust a bitch

Cause now a days these bitches carry an extra clip

Ready to knock ya head off for that paper

Always down for a caper,

Mr. S-E-are-V

I'm going through some thangs, lord help me

[Chorus: Master P]

I'm going through some thangs

I'm going through some thangs

These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs

I'm going through some thangs

I'm going through some thangs

These bitches and these niggas got me goin' through some thangs

[Master P talks]

Going through somethangs, ya heard me?

I done made it out the ghetto

And every nigga that I know, that still there

Think I owe them somthing

And every motherfuckin' nigga that was down with me

Or wanted to be, wanna be just like me

They think I owe them something

Every bitch I stopped fucking with,

Thank I owe them something

Know what I'm sayin'?

Nigga can't even ride in his motherfuckin' car

Nigga can't even walk though the streets

Without a motherfucker thinkin' a nigga who think he owe him some

I got mine, and you can get yours

Motherfuckers in my family,

They think a nigga just got boo-coo money,

Just a blown on them, just to give to a motherfucker

That don't wanna do nothing for theyselves motherfucker

Be a real motherfucker, be a tru nigga, get ya own

Damn, can't even mourn the dead anymore

Without motherfuckers thinking if you a big nigga in the hood

You must be stickin' prices on other niggas heads

But I'm bigger than that nigga

I got family in the Caliope, the Magnolia, and the Saint Bernard nigga

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