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Fuck It [Explicit]
Kevin Gates

Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it

I ain't scared to go to jail

I'm thuggin, I'm thuggin, I'm thuggin

Fuck him

My block roll, outta of control, phone jumping

Just seen a fight, my lil hoes with the scuffling

Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it

I ain't scared to go to jail

I'm thuggin, I'm thuggin, I'm thuggin

Fuck him

In the drought we gon' eat yellin flood it

Took my lick when I went in I'm 100

Swag cut up bad my new mac, kodak black

Gold buttons, hold up yeah, pour up

Wait that was mazi line first

A lot of niggas been dabbing lately that was mazi lil work!

No leash, pitbull in the streets

On the dead end, watch how I make it jump

Status in the game, I ain't stretching cane

Mentioning my name, customers will come

Ooh get 'em gates, hold up get in there

Bitch get it straight, I got 50

I am not popping bottles on they ass

Full auto, hit the throttle on they ass

Wasn't trying when my pockets doing bad

Now I'm bout to go and really make 'em mad

Fuck how they feel, I don't take it back

Catch a fade in my younger days

Zip shit quick, put you up

Bitch you know what up

Rock One, yeah keep it up

Nuk stuck with me through the clutch

I ain't never seen him switch it up

Villy tell lil j I say what up

O you heard 'em fucking, what you tough

I love your mama, know we had it rough

Gangster reezy I was looking up

Trell saw me get it out the mud

He didn't have a shower just a tub

Big jimmy house on eleventh

12 big london I'm a stepper

Stanley called me kevin marsellus

Get it

Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it

I ain't scared to go to jail

I'm thuggin, I'm thuggin, I'm thuggin

Fuck him

My block roll, lot of control, phone jumping

Just seen a fight, my lil hoes with the scuffling

Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it

I ain't scared to go to jail

I'm thuggin, I'm thuggin, I'm thuggin

Fuck him

In the drought we gon eat yelling flood it

Took my lick when I went in I'm 100

Boobie black went to jail

Streets, I was in 'em knee deep

Real magnolia die-hard's

Pulling up to get weed

Me and gunna locked up together

Way back think we did in 90s

You and lvg uptown niggas living grimy

Yo bitch I miss you

You still in the trenches, I been grinding

Menace on my mind, I kept it silent

Fuss, fight, argue but I'm diving

Lately feeling like I've been surviving (I did)

Jumping out with montana

Out in watts, cooling out in Cali

Compton menace hit me you know what's happening

I just sent it, you ain't get the package

Miami, hold up man, I'm just rapping

Trapping, run it up, I'm just camping

I ain't seen her once

Understand it, she gon understand it

In tarzan, I'm tryna build a mansion

In Topanga, I see Kylie Jenner

Sometimes I see Tyga with her

Neiman marcus, I just work retarded

I got money problems

Get the picture

100 pints of ac' and I'm quick to spend it

Islah thuggin that's my daughter laughing

Ain't too many times ain't caught her happy

Conversation look what happen

Pussy street nigga you a rapper

Run up on me, come and see what happen

I'mma die, I ain't from this planet

My lil son bad, I'm his daddy

Your baby mama used to be a daddy

Grown man, you still got a daddy

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