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Devin Townsend

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Lyrics by Devin Townsend

  Canucklehead   Celestial Signals   Into the Sun   3 A.M.   A Monday   A New Reign   A Simple Lullaby   Addicted!   Amsterdam   Ants   As You Were   Awake!!   Away   Baby Song   Babysong   Bad Devil   Bastard   Before We Die   Bend it Like Bender   Bend It Like Bender!   Blackberry   By Your Command   Canada   Canucklehead   Christeen   Coast   Colonial Boy   Color Your World   Dark Matter   Deadhead   Death   Deconstruction   Deep Peace   Demon League   Depth Charge   Detox   Devoid   Dimension Z   Disruptr   Don't Know Why   Dynamics   Earth   Earth Day   Echo [Instrumental]   Effervescent!   Ez$$   Failure   Fake Punk   Fallout   Feather   Forever   From Sleep Awake   From the Heart   Funeral   Gaia   Gato   Ghost   Greetings   Heart Baby   Heaven Send   Heaven's End   Heavy Metal Mama   Heinous Anus   Hide Nowhere   Hyperdrive   Hypergeek   Ih-Ah!   Infinite Ocean   Intro – Effervescent – True North   Irish Maiden   Judgement   Jupiter   Juular   Kawaii   Ki   Kingdom   L.A   L.A.   Lady Helen   Larry's O   Let It Roll   Liberation   life   Love   Love-Load   Man   March of the Poozers   Material   Mental Tan   Metal Dilemma   Monsoon   Mountain   N9   Namaste   Night   Nobody's Here   Noisy Pinkbubbles   Notes From Africa   Numbered!   Oats, Peas, Beans, & Barley   Ocean Machines   Offer Your Light   Olives   OM   Omnidimensional Creator   Pandemic   Picture Of Myself   Pixillate   Planet Of The Apes   Planet Rain   Planet Smasher   Poltergeist   Praise The Lowered   Processional   Promise   Quiet Riot   Random Analysis   Recipe For Bait   Regulator   Resolve!   Road Kill   Save Our Now   Seams   Secret Sciences   Seventh Wave   Silent Militia   Sinner   Sit In The Mountain   Sky Blue   Slow Me Down   Solar Winds   Soul Driven   Stagnant   Stand   Stars   Storm   Stormbending   Suicide   Sumeria   Sunday Afternoon   Sunshine And Happiness   Supercrush!   Tall Latte   Terminal   Texada   The Bridge   The Complex   The Death Of Music   The Fluke   The Girls Next Door   The Greys   The Mighty Masturbator   The Ones Who Love   The Way Home!   Things Beyond Things   Tiny Tears   Tiny Tears (actual lyrics)   Trainfire   Transcendence   Transdermal Celebration   Traveller   Triumph   Truth   Unity   Universal Flame   Universe In A Ball!   Vampira   Victim   Voices In The Fan   Wallet Chain   Wandering Eye   War   War Princess   Warrior   Wild Colonial Boy   Winter   Ziltodia Attaxx   Ziltoid Goes Home   Ziltoidia Attaxx!!!   Ziltoidian Empire   ZTO