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Feelin' Us (feat. Jay Rock and Ravaughn)

[Produced by Skhye Hutch]

6:19 in the morning nigga

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Let me start off with this statement
I'm the motherfucking greatest
I ain't even have too many haters
All my niggas knew I was gon' make it
From performing at Pep Rallys, showcases, talent shows
That I had to sell tickets for, just to get up in that ho

Now raise your hand say Soulo Ho!
Raise your hand say Soulo Ho!
Raise your hand say Soulo Ho!
Raise your hand say Soulo Ho!

I'm rolling up in the tour bus
Just rolling up in the tour bus
Free said put the weed out they don't play that in Virginia
But I'm finna continue, pass the fire to my nigga Tone
Couldn't find a fire but this far from home
But we still trying, I mean we still chiefing
She thinks it's cool, she took a puff, she still freaking
I popped a bean, fell asleep, woke up, and started thinking

[Hook: Ab-Soul]
Man this shit pays hanging in the house of fame
Now we sipping champagne on the motherfucking plane
Cause they Feeling Us, they Feeling Us, They Feeling Us
Are you Feeling us?
They Feeling Us, they Feeling Us, they Feeling Us
Are you Feeling Us?

Cause everywhere I go, man I swear they know my name
Make your girlfriend cry when she see me walk by
Cause they Feeling Us, they Feeling Us, they Feeling Us
Are you Feeling Us?
They Feeling Us, they Feeling Us, they Feeling Us
I know you feeling this shit!
I know you feeling this shit!
I know you feeling this shit!
They Feeling Us, they Feeling Us, they Feeling Us
I know you feeling this shit!
I know you feeling this shit!
I know you feeling this shit!
They Feeling Us, they Feeling Us, they Feeling Us
Are you Feeling Us?

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Yeah I'm liquored up, this a celebration
TDE the shit... thanks to all you haters!
I'm Jay Rock, yeah the OG, me and Soulo blowing OG
Hit the stage, then beat the case, then get the cake, then burn trees
Shake hands, kiss babies, show love, throw 3s
I was on the block with a quarter key, like what the fuck is a 16?
I was so anti-social, nigga wasn't outspoken
Till I picked up a mic, story of my life!
Uh, came with the piece so keep the peace
Uh, I ain't tryna hurt nobody
I ain't sweating no vendetta, champagne on my breath in the hotel lobby
You feel me? Damn right you feel me!
Got them sigh, she feel me and them paparazzi feel me


[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]
I'm feeling fine and dandy
Staying awake off this Xanny
Knock knock off this weed can one of yall find another Backwood please?
I just know that I can be, an example of what you can be
Making a way for my homies, making it easy for my family
So mama don't frown no more, mama don't frown no more
No mama don't frown no more, mama don't frown no more
Told me I'm smarter than you, you just gotta trust me yo
I stole from the record store, still selling, records though
(Love you Grandma!)
Ain't no shame, in my game
They know my name in Montreal, they sing my songs cause they relate
They Feelin Us, cause we can't be touched, thank God for Top and Punch
Ho-Ho-Hold on... Drop the drums
These bitches love Soulo, Del Amo to Soho
Fucking with them TopDawgs, you'll just look like toto
Do it all for Soulo, I don't even know them
Hol Up here we go again... Justin bring the chorus in!


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