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F*** Tha Police

Right about now, NWA court is in full effect

Judge Dre presidin

In the case of NWA versus the police department

The prosecution attorneys are M.C. Ren, Ice Cube, & Eazy

Mothaf*ckin E

Order, order order

Ice Cube, take the mothaf*ckin stand

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth & nothin but

the truth, so help yo black ass?

You are goddamned right!

why dont you tell everybody what the f*ck youve got to say...

[Ice Cube]

F*ck the police commin straight from the underground

A young nigger got it bad cause I am brown

And not the other color

Some police think

They have the authority to kill a minority

F*ck that shit cause I aint the one

For a punk motherf*cker with a badge & a gun

To be beaten on & thrown in jail

We can go toe to toe in the middle of a cell

F*ckin with me cause I am a teenager

With a little bit of gold & a pager

Searchin my car, lookin for the product

Thinkin every nigger is sellin narcotics

You would rather see me in the pen

Than me & Lorenzo rollin in a Benz-o

Beat up police, out of shape

And when I am finished, Bring the yellow tape

To tape off the scene of the slaughter

Still gettin Swoll off bread & water

I do not know if they fags or what

Search a nigger down & grabbin his nuts

And on the other hand

Without a gun, they cant get none

But dont let it be a black & a white one

Cause they will slam ya down to the street top

Black police showin out for the white cop

Ice Cube will Swarm

On any motherf*cker in a blue uniform

Just cause I am from the CPT

Punk police are afraid of me, huh

A young nigger on the warpath

And when I finish, it is going to be a bloodbath

Of cops dyin in L.A.

Yo, Dre, I got somethin' to say ...

[Eazy - E]

F*ck the Police

F*ck the Police

F*ck the Police

F*ck the Police


Pull your goddamn ass over right now

Aw, shit, & what the f*ck you pullin me over for?

Cause I feel like it, just sit your ass on the curb & shut the

f*ck up!

Man, f*ck this shit

All right smartass, I am takin your black ass to jail


M.C. Ren, will you please give your testimony to the jury about

this f*cked up incident?

[MC Ren]

F*ck the police & Ren said it with authority

Because the niggers on the street is a majority

A gang - that is wit whoever i am steppin

And a motherf*ckin weapon is kept in

A stand-by for the so called law

Wishin Ren was a nigger that they never saw

Lights all flashin behind me

But they are scared of a nigger so they mace to blind me

But that shit dont work, I just laugh

Because it gives em a hint not to step in my path

To police, I am sayin, F*ck you punk!

Readin my rights & shit - it is all junk

Pullin out a silly club so you stand

With a fake-assed badge & a gun in your hand

But take off the gun so you can see whats up

And we will go at it, punk, & I am a f*ck you up

Make you think I am a kick your ass

But drop your gat & Rens going to blast

I am sneaky as f*ck when it comes to crime

But I am a smoke em now & not next time

Smoke any motherf*cker that sweats me

And any asshole that threatens me

I am a sniper with a hell of a scope

Takin out a cop or two that cant cope with me

The motherf*ckin villain that is mad

With potential to get bad as f*ck

So I am a turn it around

Put in my clip, yo

And this is the sound

Yea, Somethin like that

But it all depends on the size of the gat

Takin out a police would make my day

But a nigger like Ren dont give a f*ck to say...

[Eazy - E]

F*ck the Police

F*ck the Police

F*ck the Police

F*ck the Police


Yo, Man, whatcha need?

Police, open now (oh shit), weve a warrent for Eazy Es arrest

Oh shit

Get down & put your hands up where I can see em!

Man, what did I do?

Just shut the f*ck up & get yo motherf*ckin ass on the floor

But I didnt do shit

Man, just shut the f*ck up

[Dr. Dre]

Eazy E, why dont you step up to the stand & tell the jury how

you feel about this bullshit?

[Eazy - E]

I am tired of the motherf*ckin jackin

sweatin my gang while I am chillin in the shack an

Shinin the light in my face & for what?

Maybe it is because I kick so much butt

I kick ass, or maybe it is cause I blast

Oh a stupid-assed nigger when I am playing with the trigger

Of an Uzi or an AK

Cause the police always got somethin stupid to say

They put up my picture with silence

Cause my identity by itself causes violence

The E with the criminal behavior

Yea, I am a gangster, but still I got flavor

Without a gun & a badge, what do you got?

A sucker in uniform waitin to get shot

By me or another nigger

And with a gat, it dont matter if he has smaller or bigger

(Size dont mean shit, he has from the old school, fool)

And as you all know, Es here to rule

Whenever I am rollin, keep lookin in the mirror

And ears on cue, yo, so I can hear a

Dumb motherf*cker with a gun

and if I am rollin off the eight, he will be the one

That I take out & then get away

While I am driving off laughin, this is what I will say ...

F*ck the Police

F*ck the Police

F*ck the Police

F*ck the Police

The verdict :

The jury has found you guilty of being a red-neck, white-bread,

Chicken-shit motherf*cker

That is a lie! that is a goddamn lie!

Get him out of here!

I want justice!

Get him the f*ck out of my face

I want justice!

Out right now!

F*ck you, you black motherf*ckerrrrrrrrrrr!

F*ck the Police

F*ck the Police

F*ck the Police

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