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Every Day All Day
Naughty By Nature

This is somethin' that I call the flow

Not many if any, 'cept for Vinnie, can say they know

In fact, detracting that is something that I rarely show

Because my tongue is actually fast but then again it's slow

See yo

(Throw it bro)

You say cheeka-boo

A name pertained for niggas who, who

Who hear that name and place a trigger to the figure who

It blew through and if ya try ta rip, I throw a bigger blue shoe to you

And if you take the shoe, a nigga actor will do, ooh

Dressed to the best to impress but after they try take us in

Crook as a nigga, take a pistol, see who wants to be Naughty or nicest

Like ice is I'm priceless, plug the mic to it

Come with the D with the I with the S to the S's, see whose hype is

Test, the test, the Treach to Treach address, the address

How I'll bless and blow any conflicts

Why to try to chrome, my style is just nonsense

M-my ni-ni-nigga m-m-mackin' so you get out of it

Any and all should fall, many are small should call

Naughty By Nature the creator of all y'all

Show hope, show no hope and can't cope, so no way

This is how we play everyday all day

Yo, yo, hey, yo

Havin' a round of [unverified], gather matters is drastically

Never say never whenever whether we come on after thee

Hand to Gee, the producer, me is loose off the claps ya see

That keeps you boogie'n happily

Voice ya opinion, it's the rhythm I'm lendin'

The message I'm sendin' from London to Linley

Girls are given a chance to get ya all pampered

Leave them ol' cramps in your pants then I belly dance her

God is good and if ya would, you should just

Play to the way I see em, play all day is what he'll bless

I'm leavin' em evil and seein' em bein' a torture with dull props

I won't give up til you had 'nough of these call shots

Now let the hard floor break your fall darlin'

'Cos on the shrift and Naughty ain't waltzin'

When we dance we come full thrust, the bum rush

Knockin' and poppin' em up inside, they rockin' dawn 'til dusk

I ain't the type to get suit to sike

I feel I'm better than ever before but as a rapper I'm just alright

Showin' time is for clocks, knockin' poppas

Pop, pop, ya try to shine I make your heart work proper

And that's comin' from the drifter and if ya

R U I N Y A L I P, you will B E G O N E

So let the guests gettin' passons, be bygones

Nevertheless is definitely hit and hits are what we strive on

We feel this way, every single day, all day so make way

Wuz up to all you MC cub scouts

Grub scouts gettin' rubbed out

I'll bet'cha kept ya album froze 'til this came out

Hittin' ideas to use, a half of us snit or two

Snatchin' and maxin' a rap that I'm castin', how dare you

How the hell can you yell what someone else said?

I must get on what I loan, what I own on my forehead, huh

But I doubt that, and now ya wanna back out

Your career had more ins and outs than a crack house

I'm mackin' 'n rackin' 'n cappin' the acts and I wax em wit, wit a smack

This scam he owes must judge me rough with a whiffle bat

And that's simply elementary Walton

So pack ya track and do 5 flat in your Dodge son

Now let my canine backtrack the copy cat

Your night life is up, so what you had, you gotta sound track

What's all with seven thousand other rappers, groupie

The cut ya made for that movie ain't soothed me

Who said that Treach can't work when he don't curse?

Some nasty ass me, Naughty and that keep it happy

I'm all that and never go out the small way

You need a lift, we go this way everyday all day

Your little tape got more blank spots than a tank-top, think, stop

You oughta store it all, fast-forward 'fore I ring props

You sorry sight, you're a immature rhyme ho

Come rock a lil' somethin', no we're all outta time so

From Chilltown JC to Brooklynn with A D

I'm rippin' things daily, ni if and or maybes

At the [unverified] and the A V, the O U R B A B E

Kris, the Jungle Brothers, Tribe Called Quest, yeah they be

Down with sha-ka-ottin', pimp or, man, they swiftin'

Then the ruler [unverified], he comes handy on the roll again

Marked the 45, kids kneels feels the reals

With the real chill, not the run of the mill deals

Get poopoo dooie, producer Louie Louie

Throwin' best tracks to me to me

So that sometimes they do me

I can't forget the day live, the solo need a tongue

Patrol the song, what up to the brothers from the


We got the gatch to ya batch to rock and lock him

But now it's [unverified] don't even try to outrun them

The stable now cocky, Lord Ali Raski and


The sharper day with double jade is the props see

We also got the speaker Latifah, the queen of the flavor

And nuthin' weaker behind is watchin, kick her

The Digital under the Underground, rocks with Shock and 2PAC

With Money B, Humpty and Jimmy, the master of the charts

And on the tipple several brothers, we muskets

It's Tahid, Akeem, Cracker C and Cee Justice

Plus is the voice behind the flavor unit, all time, all early

It's that girlie, head of the head called her Shirley

And what poop last but not least, Camille

I feel you learned the way we come this deep everyday all day

Y'know what I'm sayin'? We got the newest member of the flavor unit

Def Jef in effect, we got the producer of this track Kay-Gee

We got my girl Nikki-D in the house

My man Internale All-Star Dave

My man on the sax Andy

We got another engineer Andy and assistant Todd

We got Anj-Du, G-Quick

We got the whole entire 18th Street Posse-Rachim

Mook Daddy, Skee Steve

Hammer, Howie Cru-Ru, M-Dee, Tak Diesel, Na-Na

We got my girl Aphrodite and her posse in the house-Cherokee

Chaka and Lisa and we outta here like last year

'Cos we come this deep everyday all day, peace

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