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Ear Drums Pop (Remix)
Dilated Peoples

Affiliation like, Dilated Peoples

Watch your ear drums pop, pop, pop

Watch your ear drums pop, pop

Got this rap shit locked

Planet Asia, ain't a damn thing changed

Changed, changed, changed

The methods of melodic torture, mic mastery

I'm locally accepted, worldwide respected

So gimmie mines and meet your death wish

Dead at the throat like floatin' with your neck slit

Be gone, I'm way beyond

My mind shines harder than your necklace

I just violate the streets until I Dilate the Peoples

Posse cut, kill the track, annihilate the sequel

Trigger-happy, anxious to earn to stripe like it was just put on

Initiation means death, burn the mic, now meet your escort

If the shot's rusted, hot sauce for all you block busters

Duck it, you're fuckin' with the spot rushers

Bustin' with brand new artillery cocked

Straight out the metal shop to catch you up close

Dead on the spot, there goes your manhood

Mad Max, Terror your Dome for canned goods

Blaze you with the heat, destroy my conscience with the backward

Easin' up ain't in the plans, I leave MCs with no stands

I'll conventions so deep in thoughts, the fans labeled it trance

Iriscience, y'all

MC Iriscience

Rakaa you don't rhyme fair

Aiyyo, we hit it festivals and we hit it the nightclubs

We hit it like Brad Pitt did it to Fight Club

I love it and live it, if you want it, then come and get it

I'm like Show and AG or Alomar, how I spit it

It's the highly-developed, well-equipped, intelligent

You're a target if you're soft, pastel or delicate

I'm bold 'cause everything goes at pro caliber

A top competitor, a world class traveler

Spell-the-name-right.com, check the site

Like they could check the date on a dime from satellites

I move like Coltrane, pushin' the blue tray

Rakaa's my name, style Fatal like Hussein

With Planet Asia, Defari and Everlast

Phil Tha Ag and Ev deliver the weather fast

Joey Chavez and a butcher named Babs Dilated

Now take that shit back to the lab

Man, listen

From L.A. and it's finest


They wanna jack who step up and I'll dump

Invade and face the rage of a twelve gauge pump

Yo chump, I'm not that guy, my name's Defari

I roll with the fo' sho' logo, the open eye

Dilated, heavy rotated, Golden Stated

So many dream of the sound that me and Ev created

Everybody wanna be rhymin' with two left feet

That's like a cripple man in lane five at the track meet

You wishin' on a star but you lookin' at the sun

I be the one who takes it so serious, it's more than fun

Pro sport with a bottle of Crown and quart of Guiness

The ink fill up the paper in a matter of minutes

Whether from Brooklyn or Venice, I travel with mental fitness

Takin' out you suckers and you don't know how I did this

So quit it, quit with the nonsense, you harmless

Leave the hip hop alone and get your fix from a pharmacy

Everlastin' fresh [Incomprehensible]

Whitey Ford brings the devastating mic control

I read the New Testament and gave it up for Lent

All the places I went just to pay my rent

Used to keep me bent on a ritual daily

Cock my hammer, spit a Comet like Haley

I'll buck a three-eighty on ones that act Shady

I'm original like Grady, check my Sanford, Son

You know, you ain't the one that rep pecker wood status

I'll bust that ass, keep your eyes on the floor

What you comin' here for, son, you know the law

Let's take it back to the house, slide off your blouse

Lift up your skirt and expose your panties

For the world to see, you can't rep it like me

I'm Communist, terrorist, vandalist, catalyst

Scandalous, masacous, never miss battalist

You must be crazy or just plain dumb

You might catch a beat down, now where I come from

It's like that

Crescent Heights, get the name right

You know my mothafuckin' name

Yo, yo, Phil Tha Agony, a superhero creatin' miracles

Analyze this like Robert DeNiro with your air-tight vacuum lungs

Got your stupid ass [Incomprehensible]

Chewin gum, bitin' your tongue, bleedin'

What is it that you're really needin'?

Is it fresh air to breathin', a bank account so plenty of cheese in

Take into consideration with every situation that you're facin'

Analyze the operation

What's the function?

Who does the label work, who does the paper work?

Who's the president behind the desk, reclinin' the best

Too many fake fraudulent artists, ignoramusses

Gettin' famous-es, tryin' to steal my whole name in this

That's why every move is documented

It's the unprecedented rhymes that I invented

R-rated, Phil Tha Agony and Dilated

Crescent Heights, we're stealin' your height, violated

76 born bomb lyricist

Evidence got another sound mission

Yo y'all, my shit is timeless

A clock with no hands, a hourglass with no sand

My life span's been written before anyone cloths or ribbon

I've started their path but what I've said just passed

The lab cat's back, that's why I feel like I've been chose

To rise to occasions with hits like Pete Rose

Speak to myself but once I say when

No mistakes allowed, sketch my letters in pen

Permanent ink, unleaded gas tank ready to drink

Open all flows in perfect border in sync

Total chaos, mass confusion

You just entered the playoffs, yo, my team's not losin'

Platform, ultimate

Platform, ultimate

Platform, ultimate

Platform, ultimate

Platform, ultimate

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