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Dawn Love

[J Cole]
Baby you summertime fine
I let you get on top, I'll be your underline
Trying to get beside you like the number 9, dime
You fine as hell, I guess I met you
For a reason, only time could tell..
But well, I'm wondering what type of shit you on
Do you like the finer things or you a simple woman?
Would you drink with a nigga, do you smoke weed?
Don't be ashamed, it ain't no thang
I used to blow trees, getting lifted
I quit the shit but I might get high with you
It's only fitting because I'm getting superfly with you
Girl, you powerful, you do something to me
Girl, I caught the vibe like you threw something to me
So I throw it back
Now my niggas hollering, Who is that?
What you planning nigga?
What you about to do with that?
I'm finna take you home, sip a little Patron
Got me zoned, yeah, baby you so fine

Can I hit it in the morning?
Can I hit it in the morning?
Sun rising while you moaning
Can I hit it in the morning?
Can I hit it in the morning?
Sun rising while you moaning

The night is still young
Drink that dinner wine slow
I'm trying to make the goosebumps
On your inner thigh show
I'll let you beat me there
As far as finish lines go
And if you gotta leave for work
I'll be here in the same bed
That you left me in
I love (?) equestrian
I used to go to the stables and
Get those kids to bet me
I always ride the stallion
Whenever she let me
I'm joking, I mean that thing is poking
I mean you kinda look like that girl
That's in the US Open
I mean I got this hidden agenda
That you provoking
I got bath water that you could soak in
Things I could do with lotion
Leave the towel, we could dry off in the covers
When you think you like it
I promise you gonna love it, yeah
When lights coming through the drapes
And we both yawning, I roll over and ask,
Can I hit it in the morning?

Can I hit it in the morning?
Can I hit it in the morning?
Sun rising while you moaning
Can I hit it in the morning?
Can I hit it in the morning?
Sun rising while you moaning

[J Cole]
God bless the child that can hold his own
God bless the woman that can hold Patron
God bless the homegirl that drove us home
No strings attached like a cordless phone
You see my intentions with you was clear
I'm learning never judge a woman by
The shit that she wears
Before you sit and judge a nigga off
The shit that you hear
You're defensive, apprehensive all because
Of my career, be fair
I know we barely know each other, and yeah
Somehow I ran up in your gear
So where we headed from here?
Just say you're scared if you're scared
But if you're through fronting
We can do something, and you know just
What I'm talking about, tomorrow you'll be calling out
Cause I be getting right until the wee morn
Breakfast after sex is like a reward
Then I go my own way, you think about me all day
That's just a warning

Can I hit it in the morning?
Can I hit it in the morning?
Sun rising while you moaning
Can I hit it in the morning?
Can I hit it in the morning?
Sun rising while you moaning

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Lyrics by Drake

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