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Cum On Feel the Noize

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Lyrics by Edguy

  9-2-9   Aleister Crowley Memorial Boogie   All The Clowns   Alone in Myself   Angel Rebellion   Another Time   Aren't You a Little Pervert Too?   Aren't You A Little Pervert Too?   Arrows Fly   Avantasia   Babylon   Behind The Gates To Midnight World   Blessing in Disguise   Breathe   But Here I Am   Catch of the Century   Children of Steel   Children Of Steel (03 Mix)   Das Reh   Dead or Rock   Deadmaker   Defenders of the Crown   Do Me Like a Caveman   Down To The Devil   Dragonfly   Every Night Without You   Eyes Of The Tyrant   Faces In The Darkness   Fairytale   Fallen Angels   Falling Down   Fire On The Downline   For A Trace Life   For A Trace Of Life   Forever   Frozen Candle   Fucking With Fire   Fucking with Fire [Hair Force One]   God Fallen Silent   Golden Dawn   Hallowed   Heart of Twilight   Heavenward   Holy Shadows   Holy Water   How Many Miles   Hymn   I Hate You Too   I'll Cry For You   I'll Cry For You   Inside   Jerusalem   Judas at the Opera   Key To My Fate   King Of Fools   Kingdom   Land Of The Miracle   Lavatory Love Machine   Life And Times Of A Bonus Track   Love Tyger   Matrix   Ministry Of Saints   Misguiding Your Life   Mysteria   Mysteria (Alternative Version)   Mysteria (feat. Mille Petrozza of Kreator)   Nailed On The Wheel   Nailed To The Wheel   Navigator   New Age Messiah   Nine Lives   No More Foolin'   No More Foolin'   Nobody's Hero   Nobody's Hero   Out Of Control   Out of Vogue   Overture   Painting On The Wall   Pandora's Box   Pandora's Box   Paradise   Power & Majesty   Power & Majesty   Power And Majesty   Pride of Creation   Reach Out   Return To The Tribe   Rise Of The Morning Glory   Robin Hood   Rock Me Amadeus   Rock Of Cashel   Rocket Ride   Roses To No One   Roses To Noone   Sabre & Torch   Sabre & Torch   Sacred Hell   Sacred Hell (2000 - Version)   Sacrifice   Sands Of Time   Save Me   Save Us Now   Scarlet Rose   Sex Fire Religion   Shadow Eaters   Space Police   Speedhoven   Spooks In The Attic   Standing in the Rain   Steel Church   Superheroes   Tears Of A Mandrake   The Arcane Guild   The Asylum   The Devil And The Savant   The Eternal Wayfarer   The Final Sacrifice   The Headless Game   The Healing Vision   The Kingdom   The Pharaoh   The Piper Never Dies   The Realms of Baba Yaga   The Savage Union   The Seven Angels   The Spirit   The Spirit Will Remain   The Unbeliver   Theater Of Salvation   Thorn Without A Rose   Tomorrow   Trinidad   Two Out Of Seven   Under The Moon   Until We Rise Again   Vain Glory Opera   Wake Up Dreaming Black   Wake Up The King   Walk Of Fighting   Walk On Fighting   Walk On Fightning   Wash Away The Poison   Wasted Time   We Don't Need A Hero   We Don't Need A Hero   We're Comin'   Welcome to the Opera (Intro)   When A Hero Cries   Wings of A Dream

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