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Cold Feet
Tracy Chapman

There was a little boy once upon a time

Who in spite of his young age and small size knew his mind

For every copper penny and clover he would find

Make a wish for better days the end of hard times

For no more cold feet

Cold cold cold cold feet

His clothes were always clean

His face was always scrubbed

There was food on the table enough to fill him up

His house was full of life - His house was full of love

But when winter days arrived

There was never money enough to shod his cold feet

Cold cold cold cold feet

He grew up to be a worker determined to succeed

He made a life for himself, free from worldly wants or needs

But with nobody to share the life he'd made

No body to keep him warm at night

When he'd go to sleep he'd sleep alone with his cold feet

Cold cold cold cold feet

One night he walked the street looking to the heaven's above

Searching for a shooting star a benevolent God

When a woman passing by brushed his arm

He turned and found love

He then wished for the courage to ask this stranger

Who she was to not have cold feet

Cold cold cold cold feet

He thought she'd like the party life and want the finer things

So he promised more than he could buy

And he promised her the sun and moon to not have cold feet

Cold cold cold cold feet

He worked day and night his fingers to the bone

Hi worried mind guilty conscience drive him on

He can't give her what she needs

He wants to give her what he thinks she wants

Her sad-eyed face, his empty pockets drive him on and his cold feet

Cold cold cold cold feet

He'd struggled all his life to be an honest man

Proud that the dirt on his palms was the soil of the land

But some guys he knew from high school days

Said they had a plan to get rich quick

And they could count him in if he don't have cold feet

Cold cold cold cold feet

He thought about their offer accepted it without qualms

Dreamt about the life he'd buy

The comfort that would come without cold feet

Cold cold cold cold feet

He decided to tell his wife things would soon turn around

He said the little boy is dead

A man stands with you now without cold feet

Cold cold cold cold feet

Without cold feet

Cold cold cold cold feet

He thought he'd set his clock right, He though he'd read his watch

He left in such a hurry he didn't think to wish for luck

Makes no difference if you're early, No difference if you're late

When you're out of time, The flowers have been laid

You're six feet underground

With cold feet

Cold cold cold cold feet

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