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Jason Isbell

If there's one thing I can't stand
It's this bar and this cover band
Trying to fake their way through 'Castles Made of Sand'.
That's one thing I can't stand.

If there's one thing I can't take
It's the sound that a woman makes
About five seconds after her heart begins to break.
That's one thing I can't take.

She should be home by now but she ain't.
I should've gone by now but I cain't.
One of my friends has taken her in and given her codeine.
One of my friends has taken her in and given her codeine.

Them eyes was big as stars
When I saw you behind the bar.
I guess that's the way to keep on smilin' where you are.
But girl them eyes was big as stars.

It sounds funny when you say my name.
It's like you're chewing on a foreign thing
And you won't get to sleep 'till dawn if it don't rain.
It sounds so funny when you say my name.

You oughta come home tonight but you won't.
I wish we knew how to fight but we don't.
One of your friends has taken you in and given you codeine.
One of your friends has taken you in and given you codeine.

Darlin' I'm not one to judge
But if I was then I'd say you don't look so good.
Got no answers of my own
But with you gone, this place looks bigger than it should.

If there's two things that I hate
It's having to cook and trying to date.
Busting ass all day to play 'hurry up and wait.
That's a few things that I hate.

If I call when I ain't drunk
This old boat'll still be sunk
'Cause one of my friends has taken her in and given her codeine.
One of my friends has taken her in and given her codeine.

One of my friends has taken her in and given her codeine.
One of my friends has taken her in and given her codeine.

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Lyrics by Jason Isbell

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