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Change The World (U-Neek's Remix)"(feat. Big B
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony



Change The World (U-Neek's Remix)(feat. Big B

[Big B]

Raisin' hustlas thieves and prostitutes

Young homie think before you shoot



It's a crazy mixed up world

It's the end of the world

It's a crazy mixed up world

'Cause it's the end of the world [x2]

[Bizzy Bone]

And trouble may come and sometimes

You'll get pulled over by one time

And when the 1999 rewinds

Didn't even make any strides

Murder all around the whole world it's nauseatin'

Everybody's hatin' everybody over rated

While everybody actin' agitated

I thought we graduated back in the sattle waitin'

Aboard the battle stations

Hation is a birth defect

And you know ain't nobody perfect

And when the curtains close

Open up the doors

No more

[Big B]

See we're losin' this world we love

And it looks like the sinnin' won't end

So I'm reachin' high up above

Lord let your blessins begin

And let's change the world


It's a crazy mixed up world

It's the end of the world

It's a crazy mixed up world

'Cause it's the end of the world [x2]


And got me ready to set off the riot

Ridin' with my Trues Humbly United Gathering Souls

Here we go roll up some more Phillies

My nigga let me hit it

Niggas be thuggin' immortalized let's get high

It's the niggas you most desire

I can remember from way back in the day

Comin' up out the ghetto was a hell of a struggle

From sellin' the fiends llello

But it was my dream to kick flows

To put my people on another level

Now could it be for the lust

Or Could it be for the rush

My niggas love when they bust

Because they buck and you duck

They put your dick in the dust

My niggas Creepin' On Ah Come Up

Black Nigga Killa

Thuggish Ruggish nigga

Nigga fin to descend into a dawn of a new millenium

Anticipatin' life without Satan

Hatin' on all my enemies to hell I send y'all


It's a crazy mixed up world

It's the end of the world

It's a crazy mixed up world

'Cause it's the end of the world [x2]

[Layzie Bone]

Everyday the devil at me

And I wish the lord would throw a Hummer at me

I ain't happy

Me and Eazy-E in the B-E-N-Z

With my niggas right next to me it's my legacy

We can't let it stop us uh uh not now

The whole world endin' up in buck buck pow

Corruption destruction disaster

Everybody tryin' to rap faster than the master

Oh lord could you save my soul

Nigga tryin' to go platinum around forty years old

The lord knows we can do this shit

And ain't no stoppin' us know 'cause we can prove this shit

Nigga me Stew D PD Freaky G

The whole world wanna be a rappin' with me

I'm in the flesh

Let's talk about sex

Babies havin' babies generation-x

With the AIDS epidemic we ain't pure no more

And I know they gotta kill for the shit we ain't ready

First we lost Eazy then we lost Pac

Biggie got killed when the shit gon' stop

Everybody wanna know what's goin' on

With the Thuggish Ruggish Bone

Tryin' to be prepared for the Y2K

And if I don't die today

I'm tryin' to change the world


It's a crazy mixed up world

It's the end of the world

It's a crazy mixed up world

'Cause it's the end of the world [x2]

[Wish Bone]

You need a lesson you can learn from rappin'

But they tried to ban it realize it ain't gon' happen

We done changed the world

Ghetto voices bein' heard and fed

Now I got my guns better arm yourselves

Most don't have a clue

If it goes down what to do

Don't you know this government ain't proof for me and you

I have a dream no I have a wish

If we can't save ourselves then let's aid our kids

Let the world go wrong

Let these babies have somethin'

Let the world go wrong

Just don't blow this motherfucka up

You kill him he'll kill you

Some say it's stupid but violence really lives where I come from

Hungry little kids where I come from

Thugs like me where I come from

[Krayzie Bone]

Sometimes I sit and think about if I could change the world

Get in the mind of the nigga boys and girls

Show 'em that it is a better way

Satan got you trippin' don't listen to what the devil say

'Cause he can deceive ya

Play with your brain and mislead ya

But it won't be long

'Til the angels come

There's no where to hide but he'll run

Babylon the great has fallen

God is callin'

We all in y'all in

Souljahs go marchin' in bombin' 'em

But this time we ain't talkin'

We are tryin' to hit the target we launchin'

Police brutality got to cease

But I see the NYPD don't want peace

And the LAPD don't weant peace

So we'll never be free

So come on

We only got 'til the end of time (we got to the end of time)

To change the world (we shall overcome) change the world the world [x2]


It's a crazy mixed up world

It's the end of the world

It's a crazy mixed up world

'Cause it's the end of the world [x2]

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