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Del The Funky Homosapien


Mista, twista, get ya

every single time

and I rhyme like I know

so I flow

with tha gifted tongue,

an encryptic brung

new phrases into the mazes

play this

two times a day with a dayo

day, eh eh yo and the daylight come

I plum forgot what a wack rhyme was

because I buzz like a bee

in the ears of my peers

so they know and I know

we all know dayo-

day light come and me wanna go home-


no tool

no Smith and Wesson

just an opposite

so I can pop a bit

of shit on the mic when I get on the mic


I ricochet a bit on the mic

and I like it-

Just like the Gulf or World War II

D-E-L will C-R-U and sage anyone who

makes advances when I make a neato heato

is the answer when I prance up on ya skull like a frito


but I ain't finished

till I let the flip side ride

till the rhythm is diminished


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I would if I could

but I ain't cause I cain't

time for me to lay down the law

who's raw?

you saw the blues from the shoes of the writer

stronger than a cisco

in ya like a cider


try to win the lottery before you try to slaughter me

because I'm not the G

to be stepped to

kept you

on ya tons

as my rep grew

I let through

negative foes

so you better get flows to counteract what we've done

proceed one good

cause I'm armed like a sleeve son

plead dumb and step back

as I rep

shop collect

respect drops

in debt the next prop


the hardest is the one who don't pass out

If Tyson's last name were Aphone I'd knock his ass out

the bigger the better

the better the bigger is

whenever you figure this

n*gga is gettin' his

be real and don't kill with flaws the ill cause

is answer to the gods

and that's when you lost

keep on losing,

amusing many tactics

I came to earn more green than Saint Patrick

and I make backs if you get caught frontin'

never bought a Newport but I puff a blunt'n



I needs no sugar crisp

to get swift

so what with two syllables exemplifies the gift


I sense those that try to feel my ladders

bladders release upon your porch if you don't cease

I respond with minimal distraction

when I see one

fatter than re-run

so what's happennin'?

it's not where you from,

it's just how you come


respect the rough neck

is not gettin' bucked

and tucked into their beds like nighty nighty

theft of the membrane

none left cause I'm a righty

fight these-

you'll catch vollies for your follies

and mistakes

I stick fakes wit shanks

so no thanks

wack shit

your attemps to rap are innaffectual

like gettin' butt styles

like the heart of homosexual

not for sex

when you rap the intersection

of damage

sandwiched knuckles

and what your luck pulls

bad ones

catch one or two

rather a view

a slew for soft ass phonies

bust your cronies

try me,

you'll catch my Vans in your hinee

that's if my backgrip slips

though I doubt it

pout if you want to

convert me to filey

but I seize more than them candies

nothing gets by me

so play the tracks

and you'll go out like later max

next to Tajai cause I kicks the greater stacks.



bob your head to this


soul socidle,

idle chatter never slips

off the lips

of this writer

might not be a greater innovater of the rhyme scheme

my style is the visine

to get your eyes opening

this raggedy andy gets dandy like a lion in the meadow

while the teapots blow off steam like a kettle

you hip to the hop

I kick

I trip the life fantastic

gettin' into the grooves that'll bend the phonographics

the vandal with the vocals

making the locals go insane

the regal rhymer speeks substinance for the brain

get frisky with the phrases as you praise this life divinity

the one of liberated soul

controls for infinity

got styles by the square mile

cat's got a frightened child

Hieroglyphics will uplift the rhythms for the meanwhile

articulate my lingo as I mingle in my medium of speech

and peace to pop prophets as I piner and teach

a smidgen of religion to the fraudulent


pay attention

I'm the master of this convention

kick the wickity wiley stylee

while you sutterin' just like smilee

skippin shingles of your shattered dreams

too bad it seems you try me

the wise and wordy wizard

pays a visit

to your subconscience

quest to run the land

distinguish all the nonsense

optimistic, stylistic, mystic myth

I'm swift like Mercury

mercy me

I surely shoot the gift


People call me soup just because I'm livin' fat

People call me nasty: it's because I eat the cat

and I swing a bat to level heads,

leaving devils dead

never said never

cause of clever heads

better dreadlocks

on the top of my crop,

never flaky

if this was a field then Bo Jackson couldn't shake me

bake me

Betty Crocker's oven isn't hot enough

if you wanna spread the skins

then I got alot of stuff

not a bluff

not a tough guy

thinkin twice

why step?

here's a fly rep

I kept my step ladder

I had a fatter spliff I was hittin' on

now it's just a smidgen like a pidgeon I be shittin' on

sittin on a futon...

slippin' lots of boots on

I'm the type of brotha that ya have to get ya troops on

oops I'm sorry cause I didn't mean to dis you

I could hook a hoe and make her blow like I was tissue

mary had a little lamb,

Adam got a lot of dough

need help with your garden?

scholar got a lotta hoes

yo-I didn't mean hoes,

yo I meant women

If she got the pool, I got the trunks

let's go swimming

dip dip dive

cause I'm live

liver then

five or ten

of the men

on my jock

you don't stop

here a pimp

there a pimp

everywhere a pimp pimp

this A-plus grades the quiz-

so there it is.

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