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Blowin Them Horns

[Intro: Ab-Soul]

Hey, welcome to DA nigga

I really thought I was a drummer for a second there

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]

Follow me home, see where I was rose

Like the one in 2Pac's song that grew from the concrete

Half a line in Del Amo on cross streets

Baby baby mommas strappin' babies in carseats

Niggas failed art class, still they'll draw heat

Design a murder scene faster than an architect with a masters

One out of three niggas you know slang, that's a accurate fraction

Sunday dinner denim for packin' a mac in

Cheese in the pockets of potential rocket scientists gone bad

Like good girls movin' too rapid

Had it not been for the social status we after, our

Minds could've been on more than after hours

Some of us become legends, some are labeled as cowards

Others fall in between, I say I'm a king

Now you can disagree or kiss the ring

Either way nigga's kneel to my feet, don't be late

And if you make it in time to hear the trumpets, I

Know you gon' love it cause I love it

What's that?

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar]

My city blowin' them horns, it sounds like

It sounds like

It sounds like

It sounds like

It sounds like

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]

Who wanna go 15 in a Del Amo park alley

Used to battle with the pep rally

Rest in peace Prospect, I miss you like a missile

I can vision you blowing up

I launch it in your memory soldier

Ask capital Z about snap capital G

How we used to wear triple A's and Footlocker T's

Two toned fitteds from Swap Meet

Prepaid Nokias would light up antennas at the AMC movie theater

Back when the bitches wouldn't holler

I was short 75 cent, he threw me a dollar

Can't forget J Silk, my ace boon coon

On me JT would've been proud of you

We used to mob to McDonalds every day after school

Or Shakey's for pizza if our allowance would allow it

I was wildin' saggin' with the crips I had no business

I learned, job or no job your ass better be with the business

I became an alchemist over instrumentals

I'm Jim Dear over here, that's the mayor say your prayers

It's C-A-R-son, daughter, father, mother's own

Turn my shakin' haters off and I'm right at home

And if you at home with me and hear the trumpets

I know you gon' love it, cause I love it

What's that?


[Bridge: Ab-Soul]

How you like your stay so far?

Is it all it's cracked up to be?

[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]

If you ever caught the Carson Circuit

Ditchin' fifth period to hit the mall, then I hope you hearin' this

I do this for y'all, cause y'all can relate to me, you're my family

If you went to Cheapwood, Frog Acres, or Bannana Lee

And still hit the ARCO on Del Amo in central for gasoline

Chances are we know each other well

Not the one for wishes or for fishes, more like good

If you touched ever Carson corner I once stood, then would you

Just open your ears and hear the trumpets, I know you gon' love it

Cause I love it

[Outro: Ab-Soul]

Sound so beautiful, don't you agree?

Really feel like, really feel like I'm the king of Carson right now man

For real, nothing y'all niggas could tell me

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