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Beautiful (Black Star Remix)
Blige Mary J

Blige Mary J


Beautiful (Black Star Remix)

(feat. Black Star)

[Hook (Mary singing with words by Black Star)]

Yes you are (Sometimes you just meet someone and you just completely...)

You're so beautiful

Here we go... come on

Absolutely fantastic, Now you're near

Absolutely fantastic, In my life

Fantastic, All my fears

Fantastic, Beautiful

Fantastic, Come to me

Fantastic, Now I am

Fantastic, Someone watching over me Fantastic

[Mos Def]

I dreamt that I could paint you with words

But there were no colors bright enough

Black or white enough

Blue or green enough, it didn't mean enough

You are the star that touched the earth

Shine bright for all eyes to see

Radiate and touched me

Now I'm shining like you do

It was dim before I knew you

Bright light for weeping eyes to get used to

Trust who, that's some shit to adjust to

Soon as you relax, they ease back and cold bust you

Love murdered in Brooklyn, sound the alarm

But you still remain calm, my passion is unarmed

I tried to practice my whole life tactics

But in your clutch and your touch, my armor just collapses

Sun's bliss breeds obliviousness

So recollect sweet breath still wet on my lips

My prayer's this: Go protect my beloved and keep her covered

From the valley to the summer like the land undiscovered

(like the stars)



Beautiful, now you're near in my life all my fear

Beautiful, come to me, now I am, someone watching over me

[Black Star]

Like the stars outnumbered, you are so beautiful

I do all my best so I could be true to you

Ain't nothing in this word that I wouldn't do for you

?? everything usual

Like the stars outnumbered, you are so beautiful

Where I stand, understand who I am, that makes me a man

[Talib Kweli]

You know what, they say that beauty's in the eye of the beholder

So I use my third, and now I love the silent like a boulder

Want to be with you as I get older

And that's my word, sure as I stand on my ancestors' shoulders

You see through my drama and my world like a stage

Not the same years but living in the same age

Just the quality, not the quantity

Fllow me, definitely

Far from probably, got to be

You and me, beautifully, thick like pieces of the man I used to be

Now I'm back cause of what you do to me

You like my reflection, better half to my whole

Like lyrics to the beat, you the matre for my soul

The breath for my life, my sister and my lover

Used to have cold feet, now you the one under my covers

I ignore your aura but it grabbed me by the hand

Like the moon pulled the tide and the tide pulled the sand


Go ahead, Mary, baby, sing your song

OOh, so beautiful

That dream that it would be so beautiful

I wanna say that I love you

All the love you give, all the love you give to me

All my days and nights were lonely

And it's so beautiful

And now I have a friend that I can talk to, yeah

Boy, you're so beautiful

[Mos Def and Kweli be switching back and forth like a crossfader]

Because you're fruitful, beautiful

Smart, lovable, huggable, doable like art

Suitable to be part of the cosmos

With my eyes closed, I see you clearly

Combined lifetimes with like minds, your lovelight shines

Bright the apple of my eyesight

The tender kiss that whets my appetite

My mighty Aphrodite, the flame that ignite me

Your name just excite me

Your eyes so alive they aright me

Cause you are so beautiful

You don't even know the length I would go

To make absolutely sho' you is respected and protected

And never neglected, I hope my prayers is accapted

That you always will be watched over

And never rocked over

And if you need me to, I'll stop over

To check on you, I'd never jet on you

I know a lot of foolish cats that slept on you

But what I'm gonna do is be totally committed

If you need me I'll be hotter than the New York Mennen

With a hundred percentage, from the start to the finish

Cause the vibe you give leave me so replenished

It's a new beginning, this is serious business

Got my heart and soul in it

It's the way that I'm living

Let it be known that I'm devoted, it's always going to prevail

The newly risen, truely living universal for real

It's like that y'all, and ya don't stop


You're the only love I know, Beautiful

You're the only love that knows, Beautiful

You're the reason why I live, Beautiful

You're the reason why I want to give you everything, Beautiful

...Since you came into my life

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