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BET Cypher
Kendrick Lamar

[Verse 1: Schoolboy Q]

Uh, Most of these niggas shouldn’t be next to us

We keep our distance from those, those acting like hoes

Zany imposed, weed in my clothes, cubics is gold

Ya wig’ll get told, put the realest niggas

Niggas, product of cap pillers, gangbangers and dealers

Streets keep watching, aye, [click](undefined) boom the ghetto bird ya shot down

Straight to the top now, they want a third strike on my [background](undefined)

But nah homie, put the mask on when I [slide](undefined) on ‘em

Put the [cash](undefined) in the safe and here’s a extra slug ‘for I shake

Ya smoke faster than me with a eighth

Or better yet a [wet](undefined) break on a plate

Burning ya faith, all senses covered in tape

Fuckin’ with them boys in blue, chill out ‘for rags at you

You running to the cops saying: How we do?

Saying it’s just rap and them lines ain’t true

So I just threw Q, fuck it, menage a two or maybe trois

Baby girl need a [pot](undefined) pie, I be her da da

Coochie smacking, give praise to Allah

Get blazed in my car, Oxymoron

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]

Rock got it, rock came from rock bottom

Sparked the flames, still remain as a top shotta

I ain’t no backpack rapper, I ain’t no lyricist

And if he ain’t talking to you mind ya business then

Cold with it, Black Hippie, yeah we cold niggas

All the girlies love us, get a whiff of us

They bones quiver, heard some clown throwing stones at us

Holding boulders champ once you hear that yawk. Watching domes shatter

It’s Top Dawg we runnin’ rap, whack rappers, feline

Reason why we don’t run with cats, nine double O five nine -

Where my family at

Pull up in that [family van](undefined) holding 2’s like the handyman

And to be real not with all this rapping politickin’

Rapper competition, wrapped up my position

’Til I’m finished, ‘Til I make a couple tickets

Then I’m outtie on them islands with my crimmies chillin'

Hide ya feelings, now can I [live](undefined)?

Look I gotta keep my feet on top of the dirt

’Cause everywhere I go they like when you dropping some work?

Been a threat since birth

The rap game’s pallbearer when I’m droppin’ the Hearst

I ain’t new to this, I’m true to this

Industry’s nightmare, red strings in my Nike Air’s

Yeah, the white pair, I’m Jay Rock, America’s most wanted

My chargers? Killing mc’s without warning


[Verse 3: Ab Soul]

It’s Ab-Soul, gimme the loot, I’m the skinny Biggie

In New York City with Puffy, puffing the sticky

All eyes against me, still even the score

Prolly why I’m always ot on tour

Tde, believe me we want war

I don’t even know what piece I like most no more

Two fingers, Two triggers, What’s the difference?

We all gon’ die one day until then I’m gettin’ paid

My grandma watching so I ain’t gon’ curse

Still gifted like a Wale verse, backwood full of og

Bobby Johnson medicine in my soul to trynna dodge the coffin, Ah

And these days are so [bitter sweet](undefined)

I guess it’s just a balance we battle naturally

And y’all still trippin’ off of Jay-Z tweets

I still got laps to run when me and Jay-Z meet

Peep Soul brother number 2

The first one used to make beats for cl Smooth

Top got the s550 but the cl smooth

And rolling weed is the only time I see L’s move


[Verse 4: Isaiah Rashad]

Ay, I think I found my second home

Sunny California and it’s ya little nigga brother

You ain’t meant for corners, it’s what they told me

So I never looked back, I got a s*** in the [back](undefined)

[Fattest](undefined) [elephant](undefined) ass, so we flirt in the path

Passing propellers I tell her, tell her we flying just listen

See we [diamond](undefined) just shining and they gon’ find us glistening

Brought sand to the beach and we left with ya bitchh

For the [record](undefined) in Guinness I’m a hecklin’ menace

Where is Robin, I’m Given’

Fuckin’ minding my business

He a regular victim, us regular in women

Uh, regular niggas, you always cater to s***s

You always wasting my time, you always faking the funk

I’m put ya muthafuckin’ dream in ya face

You keep lookin’ for some women to be all in ya face

That deep dussy reach niggas, keep dussy

That Tennessee dussy make a nigga be dussy

You can never rap better than me, ’cause you ain’t dedicated

You ain’t underrated, you ain’t under looked

You ain’t overbooked, you just under cooked

It’s supposed to be me and my niggas in the [record](undefined) [book](undefined)

Now they got by myself still fresh as fuck

[Verse 5: Kendrick]

I hate y’all, I’d do anything to replace y’all, shout out to Face Mob

A ghetto boy ‘til I’m unemployed with a day job

And kicking boxes, I kick ass and then kick knowledge

I’m way more polished than 99% of the scholars you thought had graduated

I’m the master that masturbated on ya favorite mc

’Til the industry had wanted me assassinated

You either corny or an opportunist

I let you eat now go back to church and steal crackers at communion

What I been doing? I’m about to crack the Da Vinci Code, yeah

Yeah, and nothing's been the same since they dropped Control

And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes

Ha-ha, joke's on you, high-five

I'm bulletproof, your shots will never penetrate

Pin a tail on a donkey, boy, you been a fake

I got my thumb on Hip Hop and my foot in the back of yo ass

Aftermath get the last laugh

I serve niggas like Master Geoffrey

Jump on this curb turn a shot in a verb if you let me

You know I’m a killer, I’m on ya head, you know I’m a killa

The West Coast cosa nostra under oath ‘til it’s over

Ya over owe us so what the fuck?

I fuck you niggas up, I fuck you niggas up, she suck and fuck

I fuckin’ duck you fuckin’ niggas like when I want

You going dutch, you going fuckkin’ nuts

Acting irrational, pop you then pop an Adderall

Know the drill like a lateral, nigga

I’m more Pappy Mason than Pastor Mason

Pacing [back](undefined) and forth, racing my thoughts on embracing data

I spilled blood on my apron cooking this shit up

I feel like some of y’all is hating

Quite frankly ya bitch booty should thank me for grabbing it

Turn these hoodrats to actresses, what a magic trick?

Accidents never happen when murder's involved

Emaculate tactics so follow me, if you need me just call on me

I say “Hold up wait a minute”

Your career ain’t shit less you got some Kendrick in it

Ya pussy ain’t shit, ain’t no rumors left on my dick

'Less you look like Jordin Sparks, make my mark on the c***, muah

Hollywood’s been good to me little hood nigga used to pawn mom’s jewelry

Family jewels big as fuck and I got the balls to say it

Balls deep, ballin out till spalding need a replacement

And I’m outchea, the rest of your mouth chea

Invest in a vest, a Vietnam vet when you out near

The White court building spilling its Merlot

Fillin’ a woman, pimp the industry

Remember these Stacy Adams and furcoats, shook

Ya scared to death, scared to look in the mirror when Kendrick is near ya

King Kendrick

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