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BBO (Brains Blown Out)
Kevin Gates

People are gifted in.. different aspects of life and

certain things we choose to do as individuals

hinder us from doing other things

don't get mad at me for being the best at what I was created to be

I love you, you know what I'm saying? you cancel.

as projected: I'm on the winning team, illest in the league

unseemingly hate to disagree

tendency to leave

if it's me and something I hindered unable to breathe

you can leave and go make an adventure

get down on my knees

tell you that I love you but you not returning my calls

made an appointment, you no longer answer at all

I get around but I can't forget about it

tell that other lame that's enough to get his brains blown out

body shape is amazing

conversation relates to the place that I used to stay in

sweet street talk

love the way that we talk

edible pleasure

eat ya then tease ya wit teeth marks

i'ma keep it street, bout as street as could be

it' illegal for to steal a nigga feelings and leave

I get around, but I can't forget about it

tell that other lame that's enough to get his brains blown out

situation make me take a vacation

I went to jail

kept in touch love letters, i'm touching you through the mail

masturbation in my mnd like I'm fucking you in the cell

even booked you on a visit

you know me well

seems we a lot alike

I mean a lot alike

lonely when alone at night, promising I'm never letting go

ships sinking, i'm clinging on

Leonardo DiCaprio

? nights cry, BWA a way of life

speaking wit my ambition

God speed in the street made be wit my nigga, Menace

I'ma keep it street, bout as street as could be

it's illegal for to steal a nigga feelings and leave

I get around, but I can't forget about it

tell that other lame that's enough to get his brains blown out (2x)

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Lyrics by Kevin Gates

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