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Kevin Gates

Where we go from here, If I leave the block

A little money fine but I need a lot

Take a preachers route but don't lie to people

I ain't never seen anything in the sky

Clean in the ride, What I mean is I'm fly

With a bitch super mean, bumpin' lean to the side

I was thinkin' bout any means I could try

I believe in a high!

Being logical gave me a reason to doubt

Scheme for things I was dreaming

In a magazine article reading about

Face card, I ain't got to pay for drugs

It comes free with the artificial look

Could I just do me, Let me be me

I ain't arguin' for much

I'm with this bitch and I feel free

She don't demand from me for much

My sex drive been at an all time low

Can barley get it up!

Tryin' to keep another mother fucker happy

I swear I'm givin' up!

Drug usage has increased since the last time

Go all out and be back just like the last time

Racks on me, Stacks on me, Travel hard

One nation under God!

In the car alone, Prayin' to the stars

Engine roaring, Make it drive for noise

Praise be to Allah, Come this far or not!

Cocaine, Foreign car, Look who takin' off!

Throwin' money at my nigga

Younger sister really wishin' he wouldn't do this

But look who takin' off!

Pain for you to keep, Love and then leave

So I guess I'm taking off!

I wanna love you like I do, So never hesitate to call

Know I always count on you to always have me there at all

Good hearted if you think wrong

How could you be right?

Four niggas fuckin' the same bitch

She pop up pregnant this can't be like

Get rid of the bitch, Fore I get rid of you bitch

Sick of you bitch!

No hands on, Rubberbands on, I ain't talkin' like a stripper

Pay! They do it, Send razors thru, Spray the kay and make you flip

Only reason I ain't killed your mother

Strength of her daughter

And she cheats everyday on your daddy

Tryin' to give orders

Then they try to extort a gangsta, I'm someone important

Don't step in my office, I ain't about no talkin'

Be sippin' my coffee while bullets is sparkin'

Without any caution, Now watch who I'm crossin'

Boobie is awesome, Can't jump if I lost ya

With this I went off

My grandpal a gangsta, He died I went off

Don't interupt while I am recordin'

Shit so depressing, Wish I could pause it

Misunderstand it, Put that in a coffin'

Back to the margarine, Up and get off it

Label an orphan, Lane of my own

I got the hawkin, I am retarted,

Know there's a name, Don't know what to call it

No ones watchin' but the angels

My hearts been takin' by this angel

I, To many insecurities that won't allow me to trust

While I'm protecting some love with their angels

My hearts been taking by an angel

No ones watchin' but this angel

I, To many insecurities that won't allow me to trust

While I'm protecting some love with their angels

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