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And Justice For All
Method Man

Method Man


And Justice For All

[Chorus (x2)]

Fuck yall analog niggas we be digital

wu-tang, killarmy we indespensible

we never fall

we stand tall like sky-scrapers and justice for all

[Killa Sin]

We move on M.C.'s mechanically

strike nerve like Ghost Vs. a canopy

hard to touch ratarded fucks playing wit they fantasies

respect this



testing this will get ya necklace jacked

and named scratched up off my guestlist party freak

you the type of nigga that'll hardly speak

unless you spoken to

we throw a cold screw

and sober up when im approaching you

at the same time we posting two

niggas on tha ass-fist gonna do what they supposed to do

the limelight

snatched away from you because its my night

killarm blaze inside of the twilight

you better get ya lines right

half of thease crabs cant even rhyme right

which dart slows wit body movement and blurry eyesight

what you want I already got

and after I controll I keep head high, head pon-cocked

and pockets rollin'

you foldin'

you fagot ass fuck

[Dom Pachino]

yo farotion never fails

shoot at darts sharper than a carpenters nail

inhale life

exhale strive anxiety's trife

blowin' smoke out my peice pipe

ducking the snipe

shot off the top of the White House and cop 4'S

war never does and many causes

my offense is my defense extreme precautious

moving cyphers high valocities making you nautious

ya forcing it

parishly extortionists

aborting this

space ship thats spacious face it

im on contain shit

pioneer looking for honey and is it matrix

the case is

if not ya basic

way to make shit

embrace it

knowing some day you'll have to face it


Fuck yall analog niggas we be digital

wu-tang, killarmy we indespensible

we never fall

we stand tall like sky-scrapers and justice for all

(so fuck yall, so fuck yall niggas)

[Bobby Digital]

yo, yo hard to grapple

I raise the sharp scaple

technique slaps you invasion body snatch you money grip

I smoke the honey dip

blunts cherry bomb

very calm

first bursts like a shot from the Berry homes

you'd be most wise to pay close attention

to willy lynchin'

its stupid to fuck wit' Bobby Steel's henchmen

I step into presidential

credentials, evident my potential

be infinate, deluxe benetic sluts invinsible

only ones can know me

swore me before the Dolby

Alexis Colby broads try to control me

pussy whip me like Toby

fuck the local

I move global


ship sea promise fool

my info glow

and the dark Wu-Tang logo

sparks the attention, look listen observe

killa bee swerv

slam like Dr. Julias Erv

still strike the vital nerve

charter through the Magna Carta

trapped like Otis and Carter

wild like the Shaolin style or Manos Harbor

king devine forced to shine

head burst open like a bottle of Pine

use penmenship

when I write my script

blunt spark em' and them mark em' homeless

Killa Hill syndrome

peace to Two Tone

he must know me to understand me from what you do

to realize Im you

everything I do honey bee from the bee hive

Ever-green squeeze dried leaf smoke Killa Priest from the tribe

of Levi smoke out and not steal

or blunt spill

the indestructable Bobby Steel's is here

[Method Man]

Yo In The Heat of The Night

my 4-7-7 mash on the mic

Killarmy and Trappa John M.D.

full metal jackets

cuz' some gots to have it

kill or be killed

only time will reveal

I think by myself

and I drink by myself

from 9-8 until

let me know its real son if its really real


self explainable

caution John Blaze flamable

when under pressure, interchangable and still

coming down like precipitation as I reign undesputed

how Johnny do it

dangerously, whoppin cough (cough, cough)

two and off

stank pussy make my dick soft (huh)

bottom line be this high, explosive

not for the average Joseph

come and get some

hol' it, keep one

up in the chamber

blast wit' my middle finger

now I toss men

attack like the Four Horsemen

see me dog walkin'

strickly getty-o slang talkin'

all up in thease guts, soften

thease rap niggas, official

we slap niggas

wit' mak' charges

dope shit regardless

we usually take another niggas garments (what)


Straight up and down I got this rap shit locked in '98

niggas cant escape the laws that I enforce like top notch politicians

who be pola-tickin'

slam through expand total construction accross the planet and micro chip software

placed in the rear of ya ear

as I sit the next year

all yall analong niggas fuck yall we be digital

shit is critical

like the hallways in my projects

similar to the streets in Tibet

fuck that I aint playin' wit' a full deck (son, son, son, son)

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