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Absolute Assassin

Yeah, Yeah, I’m feeling like that
Yeah, Yeah, I'm feeling like that
So I spit it how I feel it
So you feel it right back x3

My heart, I spill it on them tracks
Like it fell out of glass and it came from Ab
Soul motherfucker, wave your white flag
Your reigns over like summer came over a hurricane
My sun shine bright bitch, throw on your shades
I got mines on now, they look good on my face
Don't give a fuck what you say
‘Cos I'm the same nigga everyday
I never change like a penny or a nickle, a dime or a quarter
Under this New Era is the New World Order
My brain could slaughter a nation of recorders
Sit ‘em in line, I run through them in chronological order
This is not what you made up for
Sorry for ya
I'm coming like a nut

Yeah, Yeah, I'm feeling like that
So I spit it how I feel it
So you feel it right back x3

Back in school I wrote verses by the paragraph
Now I write like a pilot in a aircraft
In the sky, wear wings like a damn badge
So clean me and Jesus could share a bath
Now that's Soul religion
I'm at the mound with the style, play your position
You at a short stop, I had a long run
I'm at the finish line, you looking at me from behind
That mean you lost one, let's go for two
A perversion of mine, cos I'm berzerk with the lines
I think back to when I fist learned to rhyme
But now I'm bad to the bone
I'm like a poisionous sign
Top notch to my socks and my shoes fit perfect
‘Nahm saying?' was a classic, I wish you could have heard it
I be fucking over beats til I'm done with the cervix
I got bars like night clubs, and great service
5:30 in the morning, I'm still up cooking
Cyphers so arised, you would go blind looking
I ain't got punchlines no more, I'm right hooking
If I switch south par, niggas going down dawg
Yeah, you see me
Yeah, you see me

Yeah, Yeah, I'm feeling like that
So I spit it how I feel it
So you feel it right back x3

Soul assassin
You know what's happening x3

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