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[Verse 1: Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar]

I'm a soldier mane, thought I told ya mane

I aim and flame ya, I'm the pro-to-pane

Niggas sizing me up like I'm buying a tux

So I interrupt, crease 'em, iron 'em up

With the nina, not talking 'bout the two singers

Cause a leprechaun wouldn't even press his luck

I'm sure to pluck any chicken with a rhythm I could fuck

I tell 'em call me up

Like is it on or what, can I cut 'til dawn, or what?

A slut say she want a slice of all of us

Intelligent, say her marble's marvelous

She go down south like black colleges

I'm a psychologist, I tell her I can adjust

Anything in the world that be bothering her

Everywhere I go, guarantee she go

Pussy pop on the low like a silencer

[Bridge: Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar]

Back to the realest shit, cop a car, mash that

Crash that, then I'm back at the dealership

Diamonds on my necklace, diamonds on my left wrist

Diamonds on my right wrist, damnit I'm the brightest

Back to the realest shit

You an exclamation, fuck an explanation

[Hook: Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar]

Better watch yo lady!

(Boom!) Bounce (Boom!) Bounce

(Boom!) Bounce (Boom!) Bounce

Better watch yo lady!

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar]

Back to the realist shit, niggas ain't raw

You grilling, I'mma menage a woman and I

Barrage, be intimate, a massage beginning with

Caress from her tongue, deep throat raw

Lot's of trauma, ya baby momma

Brain is crazy: Jeffrey Dahmer

And I'm finna shoot like a dirty llama

Big truck kicking up dust: conquer

Chocolate seats: Willy Wonka

Passenger: Pretty Woman

Directed back, bring ya compass

You bringing Carson, you bringing Compton

Y'all bring the nonsense, we bring the real

Like pro tools, never gross 500 mil

And we out in Brazil, in the green like Blankas

Bonkers, tell 'em Top Dawg is here!



[Verse 3: Ab-Soul & Kendrick Lamar]

I think it's that give us that back

Whatever war you bring, send me to Iraq

I rap like my tongue was sitting on a match

You struck by lightning, frightening, gotta be a Heisman

Trophy, lowkey, the one and only

Slay a ho, play a ho like an oldie

Yup, and I'm dope like Opi

Um, so I'm out when the police

Come, like a nut, I'm a nut

For the bucks like a shotgun bust, and I bust

Venom inside the brains of young dames

Like Mr. Dash speaking to his kids on Jay-Z

We running the game

Y'all slipping like run in the rain

Ya bitches running away from y'all to us

In God we trust, at y'all we bust



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