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88 Bars



Got Skillmatiq on this one

(Stand up, Errybody just stand up)


(Errybody just put your hands in the air)

Fresh Art Records

(Stand up, Errybody just stand up, Errybody just...)


(Put your hands in the air)

Let's go



There's a burning desire burning in my brain, no time for denying

I Wanna let it out but you would say I'm a liar

I ain't give a damn

I'ma spit what's left on my mind

There are many things untold I need to get off my chest

I desire to be the King or a President

Or I can be that little spark in your brain that makes you meditate

Desire to be the one great pillar

An unshakeable man that can't be brought down when you beat him

Desire to be the positive or I can be the negative

Wish I can be the best rapper in the world, Affirmative!

Or I can be the last man standing

You digging it?

Then I can be so proud to prove that you can never beat me

I wish that I could be the future

Ne-Ne-Never be the past

Desire to be the greatest star that stands everlasting

Nice thoughts coming outta my mind

They can't stop it cos that's what's burning in my soul...

Rhyming and dropping the hit and Errybody's feeling me

Rapping and dropping the ceilings down to the ground

You digging it?

Peeling, killing the whole game

Ain't give Shit of if

Speaking like, 'Ma-Pa-Pa-Pa-Ma-Ma'

But that doesn't make sense


I make sense out of nonsense

And now they calling me the Great Nigga With Concept

Me flow is fantastic

Me boy is incredible

Haters are saying, Damn! Mehn, unbelievable

I keep on killing the beat

Better than a gwander man

I Flow so steady

Mehn, It's just coming outta my brain

Never scared of the enemy cos I'm too deadly

Wanna hear my voice?

You better play it again and again

Greatest in the whole world

Best in Nigeria

Wanna know me?

You better check on Wikipedia

Yeah, my whole tracks are getting played on the media

Best flows from the better guy

Who live a life of a hustler

But heart of a king

Got the mind state of a winner but I'm struggling

Hustling hard

Struggle Erryday like a pet

It's not a movie that you can know if you've gotten there yet

It is reality

I play the whole role and now I'm getting it

Keep my head steady Erryday and never bending it

My identity is going far and I can see the light

The one broke Nigga y'all thought would never get it right

Now I'm getting bigger and Errone's looking for me

E.M.S, E.M.S! Errybody's calling me

The Goody Goody's coming in

So you can never murder me

I'ma hustle hard till the death

Hope you digging me?

Yeah, it's just a matter of time, I'ma get it right

Yeah, I'ma take the best shot and I'ma hit the spot

And I'ma be the headline on your lips

And Errday you gonna sit and talk about the new gist like;

‘I give you much respect by calling you yes Ma

But all you gave me was just showing no remorse, Ma

I joined Illuminati and came out with first-class, Ma

Now the ones I call the best are calling me the greatest, Ma’

A new era has risen with a brand new prison

Never ask why I accepted

I got my reasons

Other rappers falling down and I'm just watching, staring

You can call it whatever you like, I'm hearing

It's the rap community time

We got Physique

Breaking it down and all that's left is just pieces

Many wanna leave but we grab 'em buy the penis

They wanna scream a name but all they know is just, “Jesus! ”

Free offers always come with a price tag, right?

Mine came with a fate that can never slack

God loves the poor but helps the rich


I ain't standing here tryna preach

I'm just here to tell you the fact

Believe it or not

The whole Shit crap ain't so harder than I thought

I struggle hard to bring the sexy ladies out of the ground, Mehn

It's unlike unleashing hell on earth

When the sun goes down the ceremony begins


I said it loud and now you know what it means

So you better keep your distance and better keep shut

If you talk without the power

Mehn, you'll get shot

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!


We got your blood in a cup and your eyeballs gone

Now tell me what you see now Nigga?

Come on, now make a sound

Haha, aight

When the sun goes down the ceremony begins

Lots of tears and lots of blood she'd come with it

And lots of varieties that you can never eat

But it's a dinner with the Queen so get used to it. (Uh)

I got enthroned by a pretty lady

It's amazing!

My hands are lifted high

I keep praising

Hallelujah, hallelujah, what the hell!

Haha, Niggas just don't care

Get used to the life that I'm living

I keep on standing tall

Yeah, I'm breathing

They all respect every word that I say without knowing the source

You Bring Down A Man And Be The Man



That's the crap Mehn


(Bring Down A Man And Be The Man)

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Lyrics by E.M.S.

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