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47 Bars

Produced By: The Alchemist

[Verse 1]

This verse was ghost written by Capital STEEZ

I’m high cause I fly with Loriana’s angel wings

Not cause I smoke weed, we in the era of the Pros

If you peepin' this your speaker Is worth 47 Karat gold, Soul

Yo, correct me if I'm lyin', you got a Hublot, but we both know

You still check your iPhone to tell the time

Only time will tell, you're atomic as my microscopic

You tryin' to spit a verse, I'm trying to crack the microcosms of the universe

It's all Mathematics!

I multiply division like I was fitted for glasses

The difference between me and you is

All you do is subtract, all my tracks sub

To sum it up that ain't adding up, I've had it up

To here with this shit I be hearin' These Days

Marvel Comics' superheroes in capes with marbles for brains

But I'm the Peter Parker in this World Wide Web

Spider senses tingling, move like I have 8 legs

I got next, cause I show them how to use their head

Rip the arms of a grizzly with my bare hands

I bet you play dead and I bet they think

That I'm delivering babies the way I bring in the bread

And I hate to address it but niggas wearin' dressses now?

Hey, it do cost a lot to live this here lifestyle

Cash money talk, bullshit walk a million miles

And I don't even write, where am I supposed to draw the line?

If skills sold, truth be told, I'd actually be Rapsody

Half of these niggas sell pussy after the

Top Dawg that mastered this craftsmanship

Ain't cop these Margielas to go back to the ave then Crip

To make you more jealous cause now we getting paid per view

Cash stacks in the plasma, that's a Pay-Per-View

And I still remember what Pac's Pop told us

Keep your enemies close nigga, watch your homies

And it's the ones that smoke blunts with ya, troll your insta

Now they wanna grab the guns and come and get ya

My little sister just did molly for the first time

While I'm rolling with models, forgetting I'm a role model

Who else you know who shot across the whole nation

No MTV Jam or radio rotation

So don't ask me about Kendrick and Q

Jay Rock, Zaywop and SZA's sexy ass too

Cause I was thinking Long Term before I met them

I've been through Hell and back I deserve Heaven

And I thank all of yall who supported the 'These Days Tour'

For 47 cities there's 47 Bars

And this is the 47th bar

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