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Kevin Gates

What the fuck!


What up nig?

What up nigga?

Shit, chillin'.

Shit I said, I'm just cooling brah, I'm jus cooling

But look

I'm bout to get it in right fast

Nigga I love you.

Lemme do this I'mma call you later

Alright Nigga.

Alright I love you boy

Love you too nigga.

Gladiators on deck

Drug user, don't drink sprite

And when I do, it ain't pink sprite

A lot on lean, it's purple

Trust issues, don't trust really

No two point conversion

Won't run it after I touch down

My punter kicking, its defence

Where was you when I was slumped over

Gums hurting from a old bullet

In front the toilet while hunched over

Puking all of my insides

Stab wounds from a old friend

Well at that time we were close friends

They said I killed him in cold blood

We wrestled for the gun but the gun went off

He up'd the pistol looked him dead in his eyes

I've been ready to die so nigga do it

Gates ride, I really do it

I'm serious too nigga, really do it

Turned his head, closed his eyes

Aimed the tool, started shooting

I didn't die, my life a movie

4:30 Am, never say when

It's five in the morning

And your children are somewhere on the corner

6:00 Am, water boiling

Think I'm addicted to the strong aroma

When I was touchin' McKinley

Erin really my best friend

And I was loving her best friend

Bright Brittany with the long hair

You know (?) lil sista

She stole a Jag for her to come and get me

I was buying dope

In and out the system

Brandy fucking my nigga Ray

At the same time

He fuckin' cold sweatin'

He the track coach

And a asshole

Know that didn't have shit to do with this

I was just stating the facts though

Jessica round me, talking sexually bout me

She bend over in front me

From the back while I'm pounding

Now it's over

Bitch get up and get out

I mostly likely forgot to mention

But we was in my trap house

Just brainstorming, in the game for me

These thoughts and the ideas

No regrets for the shit I did

That also mean for the niggas I killed

4:30 Am, never say when

It's five in the morning

And your children are somewhere on the corner

6:00 Am, water boiling

Think I'm addicted to the strong aroma

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