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4 - 5 - 6
Foxy Brown

Ughh ughh yeah

This is Beanie Seigel

That Philly cat playin' wit that silly rap

Put your weight up not your hate up niggas

You know how you play quiet towns and tie 'em down

Haters wonderin' how I got my position with rock

'Cause I listen to The Lox and I to watch

While you still sittin' in spot ditchin' the cops

I'm in the Porsche Box with Fox listen and watch

War still gray, Lexus, GS4

Doesn't even meddle when the dogg pedal to the floor

I'm routin' down South, for my aim it to score

Eight cylinder, screamin' 'Fuck the law!'

Got a tank full of gas, trunk full of cash

Hammies in the stash, scandels in the dash

Radar detectors, troopers can't find us

We bubbled down ATL and hit the 'Linas

Then get clubbed with some Dirty South thugs

Ball out thugs, go in your house thugs

Talk shit, put blood in your mouth thugs

36 South thugs, stay on route thugs

You know how Mac play, quiet town, tie it down

I supply it now, by the pound

Might front you with a cube if you buy a pound

If you didn't try it then, why would you try it now?

Then 'cause Mac rap, wouldn't fire a round

Til you frown, I lay you down and retire you clown

And I clap niggas, Mac niggas kiss the dirt

Pat-pat with the deuce deuce, it'll work

Bitch ass niggas wearin' thongs and skirts

Catch 'em early in the mornin' while they goin' to work

You pretty motherfuckers stay stuck in the mirror

And you weak ass niggas only buss out the fair

I know y'all softer than them feathers that get stuffed in the rear

I pack barettas, never bust in their ear

Twist your shit back, spit til my gat sit back

Pack four pieces like a Kit Kat. Heh, get that?

Cock Cris bottle like a six-pack, Range Roll dot six that

Benz Coupe, drop six that

Buggy eye seven come out? Shit, took the six pack

Switch the Double are, the Double are's are, gotta get that

You see how we play, pop Cris on the E-Way

Soakin' the sea, gettin' drunk with glee

Only the sharp bar, grill Simon, pop Don P

While you chickin' when you chasin' your how with hot tea

Niggas flashin' that money like it's they money

Slack 500 on back of a tree twenty

I'm bringin' it to any nigga tryin' to servine (yeah)

With them bullshit buggy I kiss 'em CDs

Memphis Bleek:

Check it out, yo, yo

Well, I'm a lil' nigga don't speak

I tote heat, here to shut down your whole operation on the street

Bleek, you know niggas just had to recrute this

My flow drew out like a old nigga toothless

Who want to believe they pump Bleek with 'Renaline

Too hyped up but weed calm my adrenaline

Roll day on the strip, SK in the crib

Honey crack valve playin' the binge

Nickel nine gleam, like this armor rolled up

My squad be armed up, gotcha niggas' arms up

Who the fuck want what? Me and Bean's trumped up

Witcha town underseige, dillenger in your sleave

My gun jammed, you niggas squeeze on me

You niggas them cats thata call these on me

I'm on on my off game, leave the stadium for in stores

Floss chains and I pimp whores, they smoked out

Shirt be poked out, when the slums know eight

Six to jump out, you eat what you spit

Motherfucker die clean before you actin' tought cat

But in your heart you scream, I read your body languo

You want balance and a water mangle

You want a challange get a broad to every angle

This shit is slowed down, I bet that

Ya upfront dough, in your six bet that, motherfucker

Sassy Fox some brick money, caught me a drop

You know how I run it, 600, glassy top

Rock them light gray wrist shit, flash the rocks

The red, the yellow, the green, causin' traffic stops

Bitch, please, never freeze, gonna blast the glock

Then I show all them to plead and breeze past the cops

You talk slick, suck dick for money in y'all hand

I'm like 'Bitch, I got more money than your man'

While you get your knees scraped up, cum all over your glands

Shit, I'm in the be Twinz ballin' them tramps

y'all hoes greasy, so I keep bitch easy

Rookie, what the fuck you know about glocks and a pop book?

You know Na Na rock that shit, Perrot that shit

And Scotch that shit, don't see about that shit

Hollow points, top that shit, fuck tryin' to aim

Pop that shit, yeah, nigga, Fox got that shit

You see the ice wrist shit, can you cop that shit

Shannell crocodile ostrich shit, whoa

You know my style, I be spinnin' they calves

And I'll show that little dick, some celebrity ass

Get 'em a brick, I know what style to get them niggas ship brick

Well, fuck, I let 'em live and lick the tip of my shit

To remind 'em with some rose petals, candles, and shit

Bust some hydro like the nigga grew up playin' my shit

So that's what it is, why them hoes mad at my shit

See me wildin' in the four-six, stylin' on them bum-ass

Goddess in the sea, y'all bitches is littles Foxes

See my girls' friends, tossin' they little watches

Cris? I pops it. Fuckin' a nigga topless

Cats? I fouls on. Hoes? I styles on, nigga

Why y'all laughin'? 'Ey y'all laugh

Over here? Hustle from where, clear all out

Shit, greyhound bitch, stay down bitch

And I know Jigga see me here to lay down shit

I will spray y'all niggas, waste y'all niggas

'Cause I fucked the nigga and pay y'all niggas

Yeah, what the fuck

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