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1st Grade Music (prod. By Sergio)

Intro: O.H

Its O.H in de building

Kojo Cue right na di building

McLaud in de building

Whats up

You know that is O.H in da building

And I got Kojo Cue I got Claudizee First Grade Music, we bout to make


Get me, Sergio hit them

Chorus: Ball pen on the paper

This is the 1st grade Music, 1st grade Music,

Ball pen on the paper

This is the 1stgrade Music; this is how we do it.

Verse 1: O.H

My flow reveal secret, like de Octopus

Stressing this old rappers like


Itching them, here and there like

chicken pox

They cant stand the heat, unless they beg for me to pause

In seconds, my music made them


Rollin all around their neck like necklace

Is giving them slow death, they looking

helpless This isnt a telenova tchew!! Timeless

Am far ahead in this game, you need a


I brought this style, call it flashes of


Swag on African Print Im a S.O.A.P Cos I roll with the CEO Kobby Dope

The rap president with attitude Barrack


Me na me flow so authentic, chaley e no

be China

Ohemeng Bin Laden, me nua ne Osama Is O.H and am from Ghana

Makin good music, Claud they my side

Be warned haters, you cant kill our


This our birth right, not a plight..


Ball pen on the paper

This is the 1st grade Music, 1st grade Music,

Ball pen on the paper

This is the 1st grade Music; this is how we do it.

Verse 2: Ko-Jo Cue

Eyo! I came from the bottom, rose from

the bottom/

With nothing but flows, was told go,

get them, I got them/

No Edem, I had them in my zone/

For the throne I wrote weapons, I cocked them/

And blew it aint a problem/now Im

popping off with my dawgs/

Popping off in the club/

C U E, C U E, popping off on the blogs/

I be knocking up all them broads, den bell I no dey pick/

Boys jocking up on the god, but hw3 I

no dey biz/

i be sonning them, they put me on

tracks and I be running them/

run with them, put an AK to the domes, I be gunning them/

Hi hater, bye later/

Ask around abi ur chick side nigga/

High as a skyscraper, chasing this paper/

Making this paper till I see my maker/

Me trap taa kye bayla, cedi, naira ne cefa/

Wontee me rapo sei da,

O.H, I gotchu, eyyba//

Verse 3: McLaud

They say I smell like a superstar, thats


I belong to a super clan, capital c.

We have many brothers, who are

really popular gee..

And if you wanna copy our style.That aint for free..

Tellem, Hommies gonna hit de jackpot.

After that, hommies gonna pop the

pop off.

Ever wonder why niggas tripping in the

game.. This life is kind of freaking insane, ah!!

Never ever tryna do me.

Cos it wont work, Im cool gee..

Even if I walk on the edge, I will never


Because Im bless, Im getting strong.. Its like am getting tall. I aint growing


A lot mennas talk about how we ball,

how we flex,

How we talk, how we score, how we

love, This rap game, gon get de fame,

I dont hide anything, mehn Im so


Cos Im better than the haters, massacre

the monsters,

Hommies are like we de greatest, the greatest.

But is Claud, O H, Kojo Cue we the


Verse 4: O.H

Me y3 incredible undisputed you can

call me M.I

Big things popping, chaley like T.I

Me y3 best na month se sen?, yes I

Mi nah bard man, Jah-Rasta-Fari ii

I dey chop victory, you all wonder Tip of a story building, you aint my


I dey make history, them all surrender

Am Diablos, mean mugging, do I look

like devil

If you set a trap, you will end up in a casket

Cos meny3 bode3 adwo, to set as a


Flow I have it chaw, Joe ka woho bring

the basket

3ma ne ha wo, cos am not your budget.


Ball pen on the paper

This is the 1st grade Music, 1st grade Music,

Ball pen on the paper

This is the 1st grade Music; this is how we do it.

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Lyrics by O.H

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