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16 Men Till There's No Men Left
Cypress Hill

Ladies and gentlemen

We would like to present to you

A group that is simply just marvelous, just marvelous

Ladies and gentlemen, Cypress, Hill

[B-Real] 16 men on a dead man's list

[SenDog] Yo-ho-ho and a bag of indo!

[B-Real] 16 men till there's no one left

[SenDog] Yo-ho-ho and a bag of indo!

Verse One: B-Real

So many fuckin emcees claim supremacy

On whose got hip-hop locked, it could never be

One who is solo, runnin the whole game

That's bullshit, like cops never sniffed cocaine

But I'm taking on all comers, droppin bombers

Reducin numbers, makin it hot like the summer

This, one emcee he couldn't deal with the skill

Like Jack did Jill, I rolled his ass down the Hill

Beaten broken and coughin and chokin on the rhyme

Like a hooker, suckin a dick for the first time

His, rhyme was hollow with no flow to follow

Bust a nut, all in your mouth, and made him swollow

I take 16 emcees, lock em in a room

Make em feel the contact, eatin the mushrooms

Playin with your mind, makin you feel the Force

Had to cancel out, two punk niggaz up in The Source

Tried to get XXL, they still fell

Bitches go tell your troubles to Montel

[B-Real] 16 men now there's 13 left

[SenDog] Yo-ho-ho and a bag of indo!

[B-Real] 16 men now there's 13 left

[SenDog] Yo-ho-ho and a bag of indo!

Verse Two: B-Real

I'm trippin on the people controllin the airwaves

Got it goin on, you know it all, but God save

Your ass for clashin with the Soul Assassin

That's like Mike fuckin with Poppa Joe Jackson

Ass-whoop all over the place, you can't hide behind

The physical, better run to the spiritual

Ass-whoop critical, or you can get it

From the lyrical, bitch-made niggaz are invisible

Dysfunctional, hypocritical, smile in your face

The fuckin cynical shit brains

As I sit back and say, TALLY-HO!

One of these days your punk ass gonna go

Guess you had a key to figure the fuckin flow

But you're locked out, and the bomb's about to blow

[B-Real] 16 men let me see who's next

[SenDog] Yo-ho-ho and a bag of indo!

[B-Real] 16 men till there's no one left

[SenDog] Yo-ho-ho and a bag of indo!

Verse Three: B-Real

Twelve punks to go, who's next on the list

Matter of fact I got one in my head to fix

There was one particular fool in the circle who fell off

Greed overcame the nigga who at all costs

Changed up to gain it all, but shared none

Who made him all the money to overcome?

Niggaz up on the Hill, in the lab

He was rollin big balla style, high profile

Oh child, make me wanna act juvenile

All smiles, right in my face, but wait a minute now

Welcome to the 360, degrees

Pay a fee when you fuckin your people over the cheese

No soul, no conscience, no loyalty

To the niggaz who got him treated, like royalty

Aiyyo time's up, you're gonna end up seein visions

Of everybody, you fucked over, you're Scared Sober

[B-Real] 16 men till there's no one left

[SenDog] Yo-ho-ho them niggaz has gotta go

[B-Real] 16 men till there's no one left

[SenDog] Yo-ho-ho them niggaz has gotta go

Verse Four: B-Real

Fuck the hater with the symbol and no soul

And that bitch nigga who stole my car stereo

Trick Deez, gets no love, she gets nuts

Like Ass Miller, and that fuckin ex-dealer

Can't forget the nigga who was down with the Hill-a

And that punk who tried to dip into the squealer

You get bucked like C. Tucker and Will Bennett

Let me step, over the hump, and represent it

You go down like Jerry, and get smacked

Like Trick Leo, now here's your fuckin eulogy-o!

[B-Real] That was 16 men now there's no one left

[SenDog] Yo-ho-ho and a bag of indo

[B-Real] 16 men now there's no one left

[SenDog] Yo-ho-ho and a bag of indo

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