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[Hook 1: Nelly]

I am so faded, might put fifty on the ladies

100k tomorrow, money in the bag

I’m so faded, might put fifty on the ladies

100k tomorrow, money in the bag

[Verse 1: Nelly]

50k today a 100 more tomorrow

Hustle what I want man I’ll forever ball

Money coming heavy never weigh a little

It’s either high or low it’s never in the middle

Ice buckets nigga for the gold Ace

Big cash duffle bag with the gold lace

Heard a nigga say throw in the towel

Numbers speak the truth these niggas out here in denial

[Hook 2: Nelly]

I am so faded, 10,000 square feet gated

100k tomorrow, money in the bag

I’m so faded, might put fifty on the ladies

100k tommorrow, money in the bag

[Verse 2: Nelly]

50k today, 100k tomorrow

Rollie Sundays, Monday Audomar

Tuesday in the photo, Wednesday in the two door

Thursdays made for fucking Fridays back to getting you know

You in that right place again

Face not American, body saying African

Fuck you with an uppercut, baby that won’t take me long

50k today we running money like a marathon

Yo bread, yo bed, yo booty lights on

Her phone playing your music like your music our songs

Give her that banana clip most of all her clothes on

Beatin’ on my chest went through the roof top

[Hook 1]

[Verse 3: 2 Chainz]

So dope you could snort every line

When it’s reppin’ time, whe when it’s reppin’ time

Told her I take her shoppin’ after we fuck

Soon after we fuck I had to tell her never mind

You wouldn’t know swag if it slapped you in the face

This that macaroni tony A1 on the steak

And designer shoe laces, gold on the bracelets

Got her in the back seat balls on her braces

Photo grails full of money stacks

You a blocker and nigga I got a hundred sacks

Ya, this the luxury distribution

Up so early got me arguing with the rooster

Tru university is my institution

Niggas couldn’t graduate if you had a tutor

One thing for sure, two things for certain

My crib got blinds, my car got curtains

[Hook 1]

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