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06 Chop Suey
System of a Down

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Lyrics by System of a Down

  .36   "P.L.U.C.K. (Politically Lying, Unholy, Cowardly K...   **** The System   01. Prison Song   02. Needles   03. Deer Dance   36   A.D.D.   A.D.D. (American Dream Denial)   A.T.W.A   Aerials   American Dream   American Dream Denial   Are You Blind?   Arials   Armenian Of A Down   Arto   Attack   Atwa   B.Y.O.B   B.Y.O.B.   B.Y.O.B. [DVD]   B.Y.O.B. [Live]   Bert   Birds Of Paradise   Black Black Hart   Blue   Boom!   Boom! (Everytime)   Bounce   Bubbles   BYOB (Explicit Version)   Cherry   Chic 'n Stu   Chic 'N' Stu   Chick 'n Stew   Chick 'N' Stu   Chick N Stew   Chick N' Stew   Chop Seuy !   Chop Suey   Chop Suey!   Chopsuey   Cigaro   Cigaro [Clean Album Version]   Confrontation   Cubert   D-devil   Dam   Dammit   Damn   Darts   Ddevil   Deer Dance   Defy You   Desecrate   Deserate   Diarrea Candente   Dreaming   Drugs   Ego Brain   F The System   F**k the System   Feel Good   Flake   Forest   Fortress   Friends In High Places   Friik   Friik!   Fuck The System   Get Out (Live Recording)   Goodbye Blue Sky   Grand Ole Flag   Hey Mr Jack   Highway   Highway Song   Hole   Holy Mountains   Honey   Hypnotize   Hypnotized   I - E - A - I - A - I - O   I Hate Hippies!   I-E-A-I-A-I-O   I.E.A.I.A.I.O. Demo   Inner Vision   Innervision   Intro - Soldierside   Jet Pilot   Johnny   K.I.T.T.   Kill Me Now   Kill Rock 'n Roll   Kill Rock 'n Roll (Explicit Version)   Kill Rock & Roll   Kill Rock N Roll   Kill Rock'n'roll   Kill Your Rock n' Roll   Know   Know (Live)   Legend Of Zelda   Lonely Day   Lonely Day [Clean Version]   Lonely Day [Enhanced Stereo][Multimedia Track]   Lost In Hollywood   Lost In Hollywood   Marmalade   Marmalade [Dirty Version]   Marmelade   Metro   Metro (Dracula 2000 OST)   Mind   Mr Walsh's Birthday Party   Mr. Jack   Mushroom Cult   N\u00fcguns   Nüguns   Needles   Needles [Live]   Nuguns   Old School Hollywood   P.l.u.c.k.   Patterns   Patterns (Black Sabbath Cover)   Peep-Hole   Peephole   Pictures   Pizza Pie   Power Struggle   Prison Song   Psycho   Psycho (Live Big Day Out)Bent Has Ben Added   Q-Bert   Question!   Radio/video   Radio\/video   RadioVideo   Revenga   RONNIEE JAMESS D-I-O   Roulette   Sad Statue   Science   Shame   Shame On A Nigga   She's Like Heroin   She's Like Heroin (Explicit Version)   Shimmy   Snowblind   Soil   Soldier Side   Soldier Side - Intro   Soldier Side (intro)   Soldier Side [Intro]   Soldier Slide   SoldierSide - Intro   Sorry(Reading 2003 Before War?)   Spiders   Starlit Eyes   Stealing Society   Stealing Society (Explicit Version)   Storage   Storaged   Streamline   Sugar   Sugar (Album Version)   Suggestions   Suite-pee   Suite-Pee (Live)   Suitepee   Sultans Of Swing (Daron)   System of a Down - Metro   System Of A Down - Spiders   System Of A Down - Toxicity   System Of A Down - Violent Pornography!   System Of A Down / Aerials   System Of A Down- Streamline   System Of A Down-Sugar   System Of A Down-War   Temper   Tentative   The Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song   The Metro   Thetawaves   They Will Die For You   This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song   This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This S...   this cocaine makes me feel like im on this song   This Weed Makes Me Eat Like I'm Pregnant   Toxcicity   Toxicity   U-Fig   Vicinity Of Obscenity   Violent Pornography   Virgin Tea   Virginity (Virgin Tea)   Waiting For You   Want Me To Try!   War?   War? (Live)   Weekends (Intro To Sugar)   Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea And Died In...   Why   Will They Die 4 You   X

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