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  Studio Lovin' - Wiz Khalifa  I Won't Go Back - William Mcdowell  Know Your Role (the Rock's Theme) - WWF  No Chance In Hell (Vince Mcmahon's Theme By Dope) - WWF  Come On! (With Whatever You Got) - Sean O'Haire's - WWF  Disturbed - Glass Shatters (Stone Cold's 4th Theme) - WWF  Disturbed - With Words (stone Cold's Theme Song) - WWF  Eyes Of Righteousness(Formerly Reverend D'Von's Mu - WWF  I Don't Suck - WWF  I Won't Stop (gangrel Theme) - WWF  I Won't Stop(Gangrel) - WWF  John Cena's Rap At Wrestlemania Xx - WWF  King Of My World (Chris Jericho's New Theme) - WWF  One Of A Kind (Rvd's Theme) - WWF  Pimpin' Ain't Easy (godfather Theme) - WWF  Real Man's Man (William Regal) - WWF  Rollin'(Undertakers Old Theme Song) - WWF  Stone Cold's Theme(H-Blockx) - WWF  Take What's Mine- Randy Orton Entrance Theme - WWF  We've Had Enough Dudley Boyz On Originals - WWF